Sunday, October 7, 2012

Puerto Galera 2012 : Where to Eat (Part 3)

Food is relatively inexpensive in White Beach. Now I can't actually give you guys fine details of where exactly to eat since I really was not in the mood to find a good food spot for I know all restos and carinderias there are the same. To give you a rough estimate though, one can actually have a full meal for PHP100. to PHP 200. Solve na yun actually. 

Just go around and find a good spot. Ask for a menu and order anything that you fancy on their menu. I actually cannot remember where we had our meals exactly but those places are actually not that hard to locate. 

Food shots now. :) 

Meal costs PHP 100, plus unli rice. Carbo load man! 

Tapsilog costs around 80. Comes with a glass of Iced Tea
Rice and Viand costs around PHP100. Comes with a glass of soda or iced tea too.
Grilled stuff can also be ordered anywhere.

This bbq set meal costs PHP 100. Not bad. 

Now bottled drinks are kinda pricey. A liter would costs about 50 - 75 PHP. Soda in can is about PHP45. Iced tea in bottles are at around PHP 30. 

Some upscale restaurants are also around but I haven't tried any of it. In my opinion the food is of the same quality anyway so why would I even bother paying extra? Right? 

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