Puerto Galera 2012 - What to Do? (Part2)

Oh baby baby baby. What a lovely sunset! 

I've been saying its never too difficult to plan a trip in Puerto Galera. All you have to bring with you is a few cash and a lot of anticipation that you are going to have a fab time. 

The trip we had was just a spur of the moment trip. I have a few cash on hand and I don't really intend to do anything but to get my tan. But for those of you who wanted to participate in all types of water sports then be my guest. White Beach in Puerto Galera offers all possible water activities you can think of. 

Water Activities one can try at White Beach.
1. Snorkeling - No idea how much for I'm not interested
2. Island Hopping - should rent a boat. No idea again how much.
3. Jet ski - around PHP 2000 per hour. 2 people can use the jet ski
4. Banana Boat - around PHP 200 per person
5. Para-sailing - Php 2000 for 2 persons. This one looks fun actually. 

Perfect place for the beach bums

Other activities 
1. Massage massage massage
2. Hair braiding
3. Beer Drinking all day
4. Mindoro Slinging all day
5. Bum around the beach all day
6. Sleep all day
7. Sex on the beach (the cocktail and the real thing) Hahahahahaha! Alright I'm kidding. Just the cocktail alright?
8. Henna tattoo. (My friend tried this. Will give you the details in a bit) 
9. Shopping for pasalubong 

Well basically all the beach bumming activities you can think of can be tried here. No need to worry where to look for these things coz sure they will come to you. I was in White Beach for just 5 minutes and I think 3 people already approached me asking if I want a massage or if I want to go snorkeling. People in Galera are actually nice and if you politely say no and decline their offer then they would just let you be. No worries. 

Then there comes nightfall. I'm telling you, White Beach is at its best during nightime. People swarm the place out of their hotels to experience White Beach nightlife.I'm telling you, its one of the best. 

Its dawn and I can feel the party is gettin started! 

Fire dancers are all around the beach strip as the clock strikes 7:00 from Friday nights to Sunday nights. 

Gracious Fire Dancers 

Lovely, lovely performers also give their shots in entertaining the people. I have enjoyed the performance indeed. Enjoyed the performances at Hiyas Bar and Mikos Bar. 

Lovely Performers

Now I told you earlier that my friends tried getting some henna tattoos in the island. Again henna tattoo shops are omnipresent. Walked by the White Beach strip and they finally decided to have their henna tattoos here. 

Pili na dali! 
Ina's Henna

Ande's Henna
Don't want a henna so I just took some photos. :) 
Minimum amount for a small Henna Tattoo design cost PHP100. Not bad for a 2 week souvenir. 

Speaking of which, I have also bought some tshirts and small souvenirs from the tiangge just near the tattoo shop. 

No I didn't purchase this one. I just took a photo with it. 
Tshirts are very very cheaply priced starting from 75 to 150 PHP. Of course it would depend on your haggling skills. Other stuff like ref magnets and friendship bands costs from around PHP 10 to around PHP 50. Everything is a steal really. 

Now where to eat? 

Well read more about my recent Puerto Galera escapade here. 

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Greg Chua said…
Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing this and I am hoping that I will travel
in this Puerto Galera someday.
jssica wabbit said…
Hi Greg, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to go partying with you one time in Galera. :)