Puerto Galera 2012 : Mindoro Sling Face off and More Crazy stuff

Ahhhh, Mindoro Sling. I have developed a love hate relationship with this cocktail just this trip. I know from the very beginning that this was a killer and the reason why the saying "What happens in Galera, stays in Galera" was born. 

I was ecstatic for my 2 companions to sample this Mindoro pride and so, I have brought them to my ever favorite Coco Aroma to taste the Coco Aroma sling, their version of the legendary Mindoro Sling and of course to listen to some reggae music by the local band playing. My friend Kiel, whom I met from last year's trip still plays in the same place but unfortunately, he was not able to make it that weekend for he had some errands to run.

Coco Aroma, Puerto Galera 2011. With some of the funnest people ever! 

My good friend Kiel whom I missed in this years trip. :( 

Anyway, I went back to Coco Aroma to get that Coco Aroma sling (Yes im so much raving about it). I was glad to be back in a fun place and as great reggae music fill the air, we filled our tummies with this heavenly cocktail. Coco Aroma Sling costs PHP 330. 

Coco Aroma Sling #1

Coco Aroma Sling up close

Coco Aroma Sling #2

The Coco Aroma Sling Effect. (CASE) Ahahaha! 

Well prior to having the Coco Aroma Sling Effect, we have actually gulped on some bottles of local beer, i.e. San Mig light. Local beverages costs around PHP 65 - 70. 

Second day came and the CASE (Coco Aroma Sling Effect) still persist. I have been having tiny attacks of migraine which I carried at the beach the entire day. 

Beach Bummim...

But that didn't stop us from partying then again. Of course our after dinner drink would still be the infamous Mindoro Sling, this time we got from a bar somewhere in the middle of White Beach. Cost around PHP 300 plus. 

Mindoro Sling. YEAH!

I would have to say that I would still opt to have the Coco Aroma Sling than this one but, I equally enjoy the effect on me. Was on a party mode the entire night and I'm tellin you, it was one crazy night I had in Puerto Galera. 

You must never leave the island without trying the Coco Aroma Sling / Mindoro Sling. 

Ah I'm already missing the island. Cant wait to be back soon... 

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