Puerto Galera 2012 - Going There and Where to Stay. (Part 1)

I have been to Puerto Galera countless times and I can declare that it is one of my favorite short weekend getaways. Its the nearest beach getaway with cheap accommodation and a long strip of beach with lots of bars to chose from. A place to get a quick beach fix and then some. :D

Me and 2 of my co workers planned a short weekend trip since we have a Monday holiday from work. I've thought of suggesting Puerto Galera, particularly in White Beach for we have nothing prepared for that long weekend. It was both their first time in the island but my nth time so I'm pretty confident that I can actually head the entire trip. 

Going to Puerto Galera. 

1. Ride a bus going to Batangas Port. Alps bus line in Cubao Central Bus Terminal leaves every hour. We took the 4 AM trip and arrived in Batangas Port by around 6:30 am. Bus ticket from Cubao terminal to Batangas Port is PHP 175. Oh, by the way their buses are equipped with free WIFI on board. 

2. Take an outrigger boat from Batangas Port that goes straight to White Beach. As usual, I recommended taking Father and Son Lines. Their first trip leaves at 7:50 in the morning. One way to White Beach costs PHP 250. Round trip is for PHP 480. I always take the round trip fare for it saves me a few pesos. 

Father and Son Lines

Empty Batangas Port. Oh how I love off peak season...

We boarded at around 7:45 and boy the water was being difficult. I was a little worried for it was already rough at the dock. Based on my previous experiences, a part of the boat trip will actually really pass a rough straight. Weather was not so well that time so I quite expected its gonna be one bumpy ride. 

Gettin Ready...

Took us about 2 and a half hours before we arrived at calm waters. It was unusually rough but I managed to keep cool the entire trip. My friends puked the entire time though. Hahahaha! 

The boys from the boat told us we need to dock in Muelle instead of going straight to White Beach. Waves are kinda big and sea is rough so they opted to have us alight in Muelle. Service jeeps awaits us however which brought us to our hotels. 


The jeepney ride to White Beach

I have reserved a standard room for 3 persons in VM Beach Resort just right in front White Beach. I really don't have a usual place to stay when I go there (stayed in White Beach Hotel and Coco Aroma to name a few) but that was my second time choosing VM Beach Resort. The room costs PHP 1000 a night. (This is an off peak rate. Peak season rates triple ok?) We stayed for 2 nights.  

We chose the standard room with three single bed. 
Basic room with a tiny TV, A/C and bathroom
Unfortunately there's no hot and cold water. Well what do you expect for a thousand pesos? 
The staff are friendly and accommodating. The Ate who welcomed us actually asked us if we prefer to have one single bed each. Talk out your preference with bed, of course to fit your needs. Some bedrooms have 2 single bed and one double bed so you basically have an option. 

Check in time is 1:00 pm. We arrived earlier at White Beach, perhaps around 10:30 - 11:00 and the hotel let us use the room that early. I guess it is because there are just a few guests in the hotel so they have actually let us use the room without letting us wait for the check in time. 

Now let me give you the links and contact details. 

Alps Bus Company

SMS / Texting Services : (+63)917-504-6042
Trunkline : (+63 43) 723-9033
Facsimile : (+63 43) 723-9033 loc 104
E-mail : info@alpsthebus.com 

Father and Son Lines
(Just go straight to their ticket office in Batangas Port) 

VM Beach Resort
Email: inquiry@vmbeachresort.com

Next up, where to eat and what to do? 


michymichymoo said…
Haven't been to Puerto Galera. EVER. Hoping to visit soon. :)
Anonymous said…
Very detailed! Thank you!