Classic Pinoy Comfort Food at Lugawan Republic

I am a sucker for comfort food. Nothing beats recalling warm feelings of solace just by taking a bite of something that reminds you of your  childhood or maybe a good home cooked meal that you lovely grandma used to cook.

One of the most comforting treat for me is eating a bowl of piping hot arroz caldo or congee. I was in the mood to get a good bowl of this dish one Saturday afternoon when I came across Lugawan Republic in Timog, Quezon City. I have been seeing this place for quite some time but chose to ignore for I haven't been hearing too much about it. However, an episode of Ang Pinaka on GMA News TV that featured rainy day eats presented this interesting dish called Pilugaw and that's what caught my interest.

I was with my beloved niece that afternoon when we decided to get something to eat after visiting the couturier to have my measurements taken for a gown I will wear to a friends wedding. (which reminds me to go easy on the food) Hehe.

I was decided to get the Pilugaw, however Gab was having a hard time choosing from the menu. I was quite surprised to see wide array of food offerings since I thought the choices would just be limited to lugaw. We placed our orders as soon as Gab mad her mind up on what to get.

Pilugaw (Php 95)

Basic Lugaw (Php 65)

Fried Tofu (Php 95)

Pilugaw has to be one of the most unique version of a lugaw that I have tried so far. The color reminds me of another Filipino favorite called Pancit Palabok. Surprisingly, Pilugaw is actually a combination of both dishes! Seriously, I was quite baffled after my first spoonful of this. Chopped glass noodles in my lugaw? How weird is that? Quail eggs, strips of goto, meat cutlets and toasted garlic and spring onions also made the dish tasty. I fell in love in every spoonful.

My niece ordered the Basic Lugaw since she wanted to keep everything simple. She's only 12 so the palate is a little bit picky still. But Lugawan Republic offers something for those who wants their lugaw loaded.

My niece told me the Basic Lugaw is so-so. She liked the Pilugaw better than what she ordered. I also tried the Basic Lugaw and I think it is quite ok. It was served with quail eggs, spring onions and toasted garlic on top.

Cant say anything about the Crispy Tofu. It's just...... Fried tofu thats it. :P

Lugawan Republic is perfectly situated in Timog where drunk people, after a night of drinking would flock and get something to eat to sober up before going home. They also offer all day breakfast choices, japanese congee, and some dimsum.

Click this to see Lugawan Republic's full menu. 

Lugawan Republic
45 Timog Avenue, South Triangle QC
(02) 372-8844
Parking : Free parking in front of the restaurant
Wifi: none


i♥pinkc00kies said…
1st time to hear about pilugaw haha
michymichymoo said…
Read about this unique lugaw at, I'd love to try this! See you again soon ate wabbit! ;)
jssica wabbit said…
Pink and michy - Its a must try. Totally unique dish. :)
Anonymous said…
You should have ordered the tokwa't baboy. Sarap!
jssica wabbit said…
My niece kasi dont like the tokwa't baboy. :)
Kuring said…
hi, I'll be using this (lugaw) picture in my site, if it's okay.

I'll include your web address.
jssica wabbit said…
Hi Kuring,

Go ahead. :)