Ghenne's Coffee (Shopwise, Libis, QC)

One night, as me and my beloved housemate do one of our de-stressing session (i.e. grocery shopping) we passed by a quiet little coffee place at the ground floor of Shopwise in Libis and found ourselves drawn to the intoxicating smell of coffee. It was a rainy Tuesday night and what better way to end our shopping by sipping some hot coffee and sinking our teeth to a delectable dessert.

When we got in, I was surprise how hip and at the same time cozy the place is. I love the fact that it isn't crowded and cozy, best for some girl chats and book reading.

Counter and their cake and beverage display


Tubes, circles, lights...

Smoking Area

I was craving for something sweet and the Cream Cheese topped Brownie caught my eye. I have paired it with the simple Cafe Americano, while my housemate ordered the Manhattan Espresso Float.

Cream Cheese Topped Brownie (PHP 65)

Cafe Americano (PHP 85)

Manhattan Espresso Float (PHP120)

Calorie much? Ice cream, choco syrup and sprinkles...

There was nothing extraordinary in any of the beverages we ordered. The Cream cheese topped brownie however is something that I'm still craving for till now. Its rich and creamy which somehow reminded me of CBTL's Turtle Pie (not as good though).

The service is pretty quick, considering the fact that there's only us and a group of gentlemen having dinner, it is quite expected that we were attended to right away.

Their free wifi made our stay even more lengthily. More time for our endless stories about our masters degree, men and boys (yeah there's a big difference), travel and cooking.

Will I go back to Ghenne's? Probably. I'm tired of the crowded and screaky Starbucks Eastwood anyway. :)

Ghenne's Coffee
G/F Shopwise Libis, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Quezon City
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Wifi is free


jssica wabbit said…
I miss you too baby michymichymoo!