Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mr. Bean (Eastwood Mall, Libis)

Nah, this isn't about that funny old man on Disney channel but a newly opened small shop at Eastwood Mall. 

After gorging on Sisig, Bistek Tagalog and Lechon Paksiw for our dinner, me and my friends decided wash out all the cholesterol and finish it clean with something healthy. (Alright thats a bluff, I just told them I wanted to try this new place out. None of that healthy thingy claim I said.) Hahaha!

My friend Ina and Hannah already visited the place last week but unfortunately I didn't make it since I was with the Pex Foodies to try out that Korean eatery in Ortigas. Good thing they've already visited the places for they have made reccomendations on what's good and whats not in their menu. 

The place is small only accommodating around 4 small tables inside. It was packed (with healthbuffs and curious tummies I guess) that time when we arrived but we managed to grab a table after some minutes of waiting. 

The place is overly lit with warm yellow lights creating an upbeat atmosphere. The place was a little warm when we got it and quite frankly it wasn't that comfortable. 

I was in the mood to sample a taho concoction but unfortunately the only interesting looking item on their menu is not available (i.e. Black Sesame and Peanut Rice Ball w/ Taho). However, I was equally interested with their Pancakes and so I have ordered all 4 flavors (Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Cheese and Kaya). 

The area where the pancakes are cooked is actually just right beside the cashier thus making the customers enticed by its sweet aroma and be delighted with the process of cooking it. Cooked pancakes are also displayed. 

Kaya and Cheese Pancakes

Chocolate and Peanut Pancakes

They cook the pancakes right in front of you. It smells sooo good!
For the drinks, my buddies ordered their Icy Soy concoctions, Icy Soya, Strawberry, Chocolate and for me the free Mocha Icy Soy which one can get for every 300 PhP purchase. Oh and they would also ask you on your preferred sweetness level. 

Got the Free Icy Mocha Soya Milk!

Not too sweet for me please. :D
Okidoks, now here's what we ordered. First the soya based drinks. 

Icy Soya ( Regular Php90 / Large Php100)

Icy Strawberry (Regular Php 95 / Large Php105)

Icy Chocolate ( Regular Php 100 / Large Php  110)

Icy Mocha (Regular Php 100 / Large Php 110) - I got mine for free though. :D


I liked the Icy Soy concoctions, all of them. Perhaps because the soya taste is very prominent in all the drinks we have ordered, not being overpowered by the flavors that was added to each drink. The soya aftertaste that lingers in each gulp was for me very refreshing. The price however was a little costly for the size. 

Now the pancakes...

Peanut Butter Pancake (Php 65)

Chocolate Pancake (Php 70)

Cheese Pancake (Php 75)

Kaya Pancake (Php 75)

***What is Kaya? Kaya is coconut egg jam popular in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and some parts of South East Asia. It is made from coconut milk, sugar, eggs and flavored with pandan leaves (thus the green color).

As for the pancakes, not everything impressed us. I would rave about tke Kaya and the Cheese Pancakes but would rant about the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pancakes. 

The Kaya inside the pancake isn't that sweet as a I have expected. I love the refreshing coconut taste that went well with the pancake which is not that sweet as well. The Cheese pancake is also a winner for me. They used a basic cream cheese for the filling. 

I did not like the Peanut Butter pancake. I wonder what brand of peanut butter they have used for that? Lily's? Ludy's? Hahaha! Coz it tasted like cheap peanut butter. I was expecting something better for 65 bucks, come on! The chocolate filling in the Chocolate Pancake is not good as well. I was expecting a milky, dairy based chocolate but I was disappointed. Its just sweet. That's it. No hint of the chocolate flavor I was expecting. 

In totality, I think that the quality of the food that they offer is not as high as I was expecting. They're a little pricey too. But I would have to commend the service. Staff are friendly and very accommodating. 

Would I go back? Pwede. Pero hmmm.... If im craving for soya stuff. yeah. :) 

Mr. Bean
G/F Eastwood Mall
Eastwood City, Libis 
Quezon City

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Foodies Reunite! Korean Dinner at Kimbap Cheonguk (Ortigas, Pasig)

I was plan-less this Friday evening, opening my schedule to whatever, and whoever presents a fabulous Friday plan. Earlier this day, I was actually asked to join a gala opening of an art exhibit, taho tasting and a Korean food trip. Confused in who I would say yes to and where I will go, I let serendipity do the deciding for the day until a foodie friend of mine Mike, who works at the same building as me made persuading moves throughout the day which made me finally say yes to a little foodie gathering over Korean dinner.

Michy , oh what a food lover, set up the little Korean dinner gathering for the PEX Gluttony society (whose members are equally as busy as I am) at this place called Kimbap Chonguk (Kimbap Heaven in English). 

*Now, you might be asking what the heck does Kimbap mean? Kimbap is a typical Korean dish made of rice (bap) and other ingredients such as meats, veggies and scrambled egg then rolled in a seaweed wrapper (kim). Thus, seaweed wrapper (kim) + rice (bap) = KIMBAP!

Small Korean Eatery named Kimbap Heaven

Wall sign says Kim-bap Cheon-guk

The small Korean eatery can be found inside Amber Square, near Astoria Hotel in Escriva Drive, Ortigas, Pasig. Me and Mike actually had a hard time locating this since we saw a lot of Korean restaurants in that area with ubiquitous signs written in Hangul (God I got dizzy!) but after circling around Escriva Drive, we found Amber Square and based on photos I saw over the internet prior to leaving the office, I have distinguished this tiny place. 

Michy, Ate Miriam and Kuya Mel arrived ahead of us thus started scarfing out Cheese Teokbokki and Gogi Mandu.Me and Mike dug in as soon as we sat down. 

3 pcs of Gogi Mandu (Php 180) left and it was delish! - Mandu is dumpling in Korean cuisine.

Cheese Teokbokki (Php 200)
garrateok (cylindrical shapped rice cake) cooked with  meat, sliced veggies, chili  paste , served with boiled egg. 

Of course we were given free banchan. :) 

We decided to order more for we are famished! We ordered Samgyupsal, Japchae, Mixed Kimbap, and Kun Mandu. 

Japchae (Php 200) -
Dangmyeon or sweet potato glass noodles, sauteed with meats and veggies seasoned with soy sauce and sugar to make a little sweet. Always a must have when dining in a Korean resto in my opinion. 

Mixed Kimbap (Php 180) -
Kimbap with all the works! Pork and beef slices, salmon, veggies, scrambled eggs and cheese! Yummeh! 

Kun Mandu (Php 180) - Fried Mandu

Look! Vermicelli noodles together with minced pork. Their Mandu is divine.

Samgyupsal (Php 400) - Pork Belly about to be grilled!

One of the courteous staff who did the grilling for us. 


Viola! Grilled pork belly!

Served with fresh veggies and gochuchang (korean chili paste)

Food on the whole is affordable, and the quality is good. However, based on previous Korean cuisine feasting I did in some Korean restaurants in the Metro (Ye Dang, Kogi Bulgogi, Jang Gun, Seoul BBQ and Wang Hwang So Grill), The quality was a little, well just a little lower that the said places, though I'm actually not saying it is far less better than those. Considering the price and the service, and I'm telling you that the service is superb, Kimbap Cheonguk is a good place to start one's Korean cuisine sampling. Servers are Filipino who by the way are very much knowledgeable about Korean cuisine. Don't balk asking what is a certain dish you don't understand or ask what the name of the dish was. The ladies are actually more than willing to answer all your queries and seems like they are very much passionate about sharing the Korean cuisine to us Filipinos.

Thanks Mike for driving me back home, Michy and Ate Miriam for the great convo and Kuya Mel for joining our never ending journey in finding good food. 

Kimbap Cheonguk
Amber Square
Escriva Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ghenne's Coffee (Shopwise, Libis, QC)

One night, as me and my beloved housemate do one of our de-stressing session (i.e. grocery shopping) we passed by a quiet little coffee place at the ground floor of Shopwise in Libis and found ourselves drawn to the intoxicating smell of coffee. It was a rainy Tuesday night and what better way to end our shopping by sipping some hot coffee and sinking our teeth to a delectable dessert.

When we got in, I was surprise how hip and at the same time cozy the place is. I love the fact that it isn't crowded and cozy, best for some girl chats and book reading.

Counter and their cake and beverage display


Tubes, circles, lights...

Smoking Area

I was craving for something sweet and the Cream Cheese topped Brownie caught my eye. I have paired it with the simple Cafe Americano, while my housemate ordered the Manhattan Espresso Float.

Cream Cheese Topped Brownie (PHP 65)

Cafe Americano (PHP 85)

Manhattan Espresso Float (PHP120)

Calorie much? Ice cream, choco syrup and sprinkles...

There was nothing extraordinary in any of the beverages we ordered. The Cream cheese topped brownie however is something that I'm still craving for till now. Its rich and creamy which somehow reminded me of CBTL's Turtle Pie (not as good though).

The service is pretty quick, considering the fact that there's only us and a group of gentlemen having dinner, it is quite expected that we were attended to right away.

Their free wifi made our stay even more lengthily. More time for our endless stories about our masters degree, men and boys (yeah there's a big difference), travel and cooking.

Will I go back to Ghenne's? Probably. I'm tired of the crowded and screaky Starbucks Eastwood anyway. :)

Ghenne's Coffee
G/F Shopwise Libis, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Quezon City
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Wifi is free