Zuppa Cafe (Eastwood)

Me and the girls decided to have some comfort food to end the work week. I was particularly craving for tapsilog that time but I was thinking something more grand than that.

We found ourselves walking towards one of the famous places for lunch in Cybermall which is Zuppa Cafe. My friend Ina was craving for their Thai Bagoong and I am craving for anything that resembles a tapa.

Thai Bagoong
Php 125
Sweet beef slices topped with green mango strips served on bagoong rice.

Salpicao El Toro
Php 125
Beef slices sauteed in lotsa garlic on garlic rice

Oriental Beef Broccoli
Php 135
Beef Slices with broccoli sauteed in oyster sauce on fried rice

Bulgogi GoGo
Php 125
Sweet Marinated beef with beansprout and sesame seeds on soy sauce.

Refillabe Iced Tea
Php 50

I love their Thai Bagoong! Im not a big fan of green mangoes though but I can tell that this went well with the entire dish. Next on my top list would be the Bulgogi gogo.Its sweet and flavorful.I have personally ordered the Salpicao del Toro which I have requested to be spicy. It was good though it was a little too salty for my taste. The least of my faves would be the Oriental Beef Broccoli. For me its bland and the sauce did not give a very good character to the entire dish.

But one good thing about Zuppa Cafe is that their servings are actually very big. I was totally full after finishing the entire plate!Not just that, I also think that the quality is good considering the price.

No wonder this place is always packed during lunch time. Their service is prompt as well. The staff always made sure that the iced tea glasses were not empty. Serving time is quite quick too, the meals were served roughly 10 minutes after we placed the order. Would I be back in Zuppa? Well yeah, to try their other rice and noodle meals.

Zuppa Cafe
3/F, Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila


michymichymoo said…
My craving for Thai food has become stronger, argh! :) I miss you ate wabbit. See you soon! :)

jssica wabbit said…
I miss you too my love. We have to get together soon. Ang dami ko nang absences. Hehehe. Take care sweets and Happy anniversary to your blog! Yey!
Berylle said…
i wanna try their thai bagoong! :) We always order bagoong rice in Thai restaurants.. the price of 125 is really affordable too :)