Old Vine Grille (Eastwood)

My friend Ezzie and I ran to refuge. Yes that's Old Vine Grille in Eastwood.

We were chatting about how much we love the place for its homey atmosphere. Its like our Lola's place! And so last week, after enduring a tough day at work, we decided to go and get some good food.

Old Vine Grille in Eastwood is well known for their steaks and their foie grass but they also have a great spread of gourmet meals which is offered in their buffet.

Im going to write about their ala carte offerings and their buffet dishes selection for this post so dont fret, youre gonna get all the info you need my dear foodie.

First, let me share with you some of the ala carte dishes we usually order in our visits.

Tessie Tomas Salad
Php 295 - 595

One of my favorite salad, The Tessie Tomas Salad. Mesclun greens topped with roasted prawns, marinated salmon, shitake mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, shaved parmesan cheese with a creamy balsamic dressing.

Fish and Chips Basket Chef's Quarter Style
Php 230/395

Im a Fish and Chips lover and I think that their fish and chips would quite pass my standards. I just wish they would include a wegde of lemon when they serve it.

Steak and Mushroom
Php 650

The steak and mushroom was nothing out of the ordinary. But what I love about it is the shitake and button mushrooms.

Old Vine's Gourmet Buffet

We also tried their buffet (but not on the same day, hehe). I would have to say that the food's quality is so-so, that is the pasta dish they offer (for I am not really impressed with the pasta sauces that came with it) The buffet spread includes a salad bar, fresh oysters, pasta and dessert bar. But what I love about their buffet spread is their meat selection! I do love Old Vine's delectable ribs! Buffet price is at Php 550++

The Salad Section

Beef and Fish Dish

Veggies and Pilaf

My fave! The Carving section!

Plate #1. Oysters, Salmon, Salad, Veggies, Pilaf

Plate #2, from the carving station! My fave!

Plate #3 Spiral Pasta with Pesto White sauce and another slab of ribs from the carving station.

Plate #4 - The Grand Finale. Desserts! (includes, fudge brownies, banoffee pie, brazo de mercedes)

The buffet isn't that amazing. Although I can say that the quality and the food is quite good. Will I come back again here? Definitely! Actually, been in Old Vine Grille Eastwood quite a lot and I'm sure I'm not gonna go tired coming back for a great meal.

Old Vine Grille
Unit 119, Level 1, Eastwood Mall,
Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
telephone: 706-5573


michymichymoo said…
There's a carving station! I want to try! ;)