Ma Chicken Mami House (The Block, SM North Edsa)

It was a dreadful mall visit earlier this afternoon. Me and my sister together with her family didn't anticipate the crowd to be that much when we went to SM North Edsa to buy some baby stuff (by the way my sister is 5 months pregnant, yey!). I totally, totally despise mall wide sales. The crowd, the scarcity of parking space and most of all the long queues on restos.

Anyway, I was eyeing Ma Chicken Mami House for quite some time. I always see a branch in Araneta Avenue whenever I drive pass by that place and I was wanting to visit soon. Good thing I've passed by their branch at The Block after heading to the ladies room. I know my sister and her kids are already starving after battling it out with long lines in the department store and so I suggested them to dine there instead. Besides, the place wasn't as packed as the other restos in the mall and so we all willingly decided to sink our teeth into some steamed buns and some hot soup.

Ma Chicken Mami House from what I heard is the newest addition to the North Park group of companies, the one which owns North Park and Kopi Tiam to name a few. I was anticipating a good meal for I have always loved North Park's offerings.

The place was a little small, perhaps it can occupy roughly just 20 people including the tables outside. I was not able to take a photo of the entire place for it was a little crowded when we get there. Well to make up for that, I'll just post some food shots. (You like that better don't you? Hehehe)

***Before I do that though, let' talk about mami first. I know Filipinos are very much familiar with this piping hot soup dish which I could say, one of what we all considered a comfort food. Introduced by the Chinese, Mami is actually another dish brought about the fusion of two different cuisines. Mami is a noodles soup usually with chicken, beef or pork served with flat noodles, boiled egg and topped with chives.

Looking at the menu, Ma Chicken Mami House offers quite a limited number of dishes. Mostly they offer varieties of Mami and rice toppings. Took me quite a while to decide what to get but finally, we decided to order these.

Ma's Chicken Mami (Php 99)

Ma's Binondo Mami (Php 145?, actually forgot the price)

This is Ma's special mami served with braised beef, wanton, chicken and boiled egg

Honey Cured Pork Bun (forgot the price too, sorry)

Lumpiang Shanghai Rice Topping (Php 89)

Ma's Special Kikiam Rice Topping (Php99)

Black Gulaman (Php 79)
Photo taken with my very pregnant sister and my nephew in it who loved the Black Gulaman so much :)

I got very much disappointed with the chicken mami. Well, alright, im not much of a mami fan for I think that the dish itself is lifeless and bland, now this is what I was actually talking about when I said that. I find the chicken mami soup isipid with no distinct flavor. The lumpiang shanghai is quite a disappointment too. I even got very excited to taste it since the lumpia wrapper came with sesame seeds in it but to my dismay, the filling is quite bland and flavorless.

The Binondo Mami is awesome. Totally opposite of the chicken mami. Its flavorful and filling. The noodles were perfectly cooked and braised beef, chicken and wonton in it are fabulous to eat. Flavor wise, it was a very filling dish. The Honey Cured Siopao is also a winner. The buns are soft and chewy and the cured pork filling is bursting with sweet and salty flavors. Their special kikiam surely tops my list. I love the mixture of texture of the ingredients inside the kikiam. Its surely a must try when dining at this place.

Overall, the dish, the ambiance, the service is nothing to really gush about. I cannot say too that it was a bad choice to relieve our weary tummies after a crowd battle at the mall. Generally, Ma Chicken Mami House is somewhere you can go if craving for that old time Filipino comfort food.

I wish it was raining today though. It would have totally change my perspective about this place if that's the case. :)

Ma Chicken Mami House
4th floor The Block
SM North Edsa


michymichymoo said…
Is this related to Ma Mon Luk? :) Haven't tried this, I should soon! :)
i♥pinkc00kies said…
I wanna try it... wala kasi sa South e