CAB Cafe (Kapitolyo, Pasig)

My housemate and I have this designated "date night" every Wednesday. I suppose this is really what, happy, fun loving, single ladies do huh? Haha. Anyway,the enchanting Barangay Kapitolyo in Pasig once again magnetized me and I decided to check my list of to-visit places in that area. I dragged my roomate and walked around the area finally deciding to have our dinner at CAB Cafe.

I have heard a lot about CAB cafe. A friend of mine from my tabloid days was raving about their desserts, particularly their Canonigo and their Pavlova. (oh geez just writing about it made me drool)

It was raining when we got there and the place isn't crowded at all. Just a few customers were dining by that time who actually looked like people from the neighborhood. We settled into the table and choose what food to order.

We ordered one pasta dish and one pizza dish for our dinner. I was wanting a light meal for I definitely intend to make room for dessert (lots of it).
Now, food shots!!!

Linguine Con Tonno (Php 175)

Basic tuna pasta in olive oil and capers

Pizza Negrense (Php 295)

10 inch pizza topped with cheese, sausage and quail eggs.

A close encounter of an egged pizza...

The pasta has nothing in it that is out of the ordinary. I was a little bothered though with too much olive oil in it, but generally it is a tasty pasta dish. What I loved though is the Pizza Negrense. Im a fan of sausages and this one definitely made this pizza special. I love the sweetness of the sausage blend with the saltiness of the cheese and the thinnest of the pizza crust. I also love the eggs texture on top of the pizza. Its gives it a little peculiar kick since I'm not really used to tasting an egg as a pizza topping.

Wait, I remember, I was a happy girl then! And that my friends is because of the beer. They serve Bog's Brew, a local organic craft beer brewed in Negros. But Ill write a separate blog post for that. Its not that great but I am very much pleased to know that there is a Filipino craft beer such as this.

Brew ni Bogs. :D
We were happy with the meal we just had but we were more psyched to have the dessert! As soon as I peeked on the display, I was certain that I am going to have the Mini Pavlova.

Mini Pavlova (Php 125)

We thought that their Mini Pavlova would be crunchy, airy and dry but to our surprise, it was everything in the opposite. The pastry is as soft as a mamon. The whipped cream is not as sweet as a merengue, the mangoes in between the layers of the mamon-like pastry is fresh and the crunch from the almonds and peanuts in between bites is great! The texture of this dessert is fantastic. On the first bite its soft, then you'll feel the glide from the whipped cream, then the crunch from the nuts. Its a shindig for the palate!

The service is great, ambiance is cozy, food is awesome and the dessert is fantastic. Yes, I will be back in this quiet little cafe soon. And when I say soon, I mean very soon!

CAB Cafe
18 East Capitol Drive
Kapitolyo, Pasig City

With free WIFI


michymichymoo said…
Give me another reason to visit Kapitolyo again soon. I miss you ate wabbit! :)
jssica wabbit said…
Say a buncha more new places to eat there. Maybe we should set up another Kapitolyo food trip soon.
z764536 said…
24x7 po ang CAB Cafe?
jssica wabbit said…
Im not sure about the operating hours but I dont think theyre open 24/7.
Iamadie said…
the pizza with quail eggs looks interesting
jssica wabbit said…
Tastes interesting too Iamadie. :)