Bog's Brew, A truly Pinoy Craft Beer.

I have been hearing so much about Bogs brew. I remembered my friend Pete telling me about this, which he had sampled in Penpen's Resto (which I'm not really interested in visiting any time soon because of the poor reviews).

On my visit to CAB Cafe last Wednesday, I was delighted in seeing Bog's Brew on the menu. I then remember that the cafe's owners are from Negros and that this beer originated from that place.

Bog's Brew
(Negros, Philippines)
Style: Classic Ale Style
Alcohol Content: 5% ABV
My Rating: 3/5

I was so psyched in sampling a Filipino craft beer. From what I can remember, this is a sugar cane beer, sugar cane being ubiquitous in Negros which made it very unique.

The beer was served in a dark brown bottle with its label printed on plastic. I was given a glass and I delightedly pour the beer in it.

While I was pouring the beer, fruity aroma had popped out. I can smell hints of banana and some grassy notes. The beer poured into this beautiful deep amber color. Some residue also came down with the liquid which I actually dont know if was originally included in the beer or not. Haha. The head only lasted for a few seconds.

The taste is sweet. Sugarcane flavor envelopes my mouth each time I take a sip. Carbonation is too much for me. I find the beer a little too fizzy. There was a very faint hint of hops in the beer which makes the bitterness not too obvious. The flavor in general is also bland with no apparent richness or crispness in it.

Generally, I find the beer very very sweet and much carbonated. But i enjoyed the fact that Filipino brewers create a unique creation such as this.


michymichymoo said…
A Filipino beer! :) This is nice. :D