Sunday, July 29, 2012

My 5 Favorite Food Places at Eastwood City

Having been working at Eastwood for almost 6 years, I have come to love these places. I just wanna share my list of good places to get good food, cold beers, or simply just chill.

Here's my list. Just click the name of the resto for the full review of each!

I love Korean food and Kogi Bulgogi gives fast and friendly service. Great for a speedy lunch out.


Dulsot Bibimbap

I totally adore their Spinach and Artichoke dip. Love the ambiance of the place especially during dinner time.

Artichoke and Spinach Dip

Their Pizza Bianca and their Parmigiana pasta are to die for. Their service is great too! A date place certainly.

Pizza Bianca

Parmigiana Pasta

Food is great! That's all I can say about this place. I love their all day breakfast, curry rice offerings and their Asian fusion pastas.

Western Breakfast Bratwurst

Japanese Seafood Soup Spaghetti

Alright drumroll please?!!! And my top place in Eastwood would be....

The best place to hang out for a cold bucket of San Miguel Pale Pilsen with their Panizza. My favorite spot would always be the al fresco tables. So quiet, so relaxing. Their staff is the best too. Very attentive. So if im not at home or not in the office anymore, then sure, I am here. Hehehe.

Shrimp and Pomelo Salad

All Meat BBQ Panniza

I just love Eastwood City. Such a foodie paradise in here. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mom's 58th Birthday at Sambokojin West Ave.

Its my mom's 58th birthday and I have decided to treat the whole family for a feast. My sister suggested that we celebrate at Sambokojin West Ave.

Its all about mom and I know how much she will enjoy the food in Sambokojin. It will be the first time for the entire family to dine there but second for me. Mom loves maki's and desserts and I guess it will be best to take her to a buffet restaurant so she can enjoy the variation.

The place can occupy perhaps more than a hundred people. The place get crowded during lunch and dinner time so its better for you to place a reservation. Ill give the contact details later on this post.

Now here's a tour of the place.

The raw meat section (Unfortunately, this is the only chiller I took a photo of.
There are 2 more chillers for the raw meats)

The Maki and Sushi stations! :)

You can find cooked dishes in this area. They have a variety of Korean and Japanese dishes available.

Tempura, Tonkatsu, and different kinds of fried dishes. One of my favorite stations. :)

The dessert station - they have ice cream, different kinds of cakes, pastries, candies, fruits, etc.

Me, my sis and my niece first enjoyed the tempuras while mom and dad indulged on the makis and sushis.

I guess this was my what, 3rd plate of tempura? :))

Not a sushi fan but I love makis!

Now let the grilling begin!

Yaaaaahhoooooo!!!! Yummeh!

Bring it on with some special dipping sauces.

One dish I love is the Kamameshi rice. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a pic. But here's my very pregnant sister posing as she serves the rice.

While we were all busy grilling, the courteous staff gave an energetic birthday song for my one and only dear mother.

The birthday girl, papa, my niece and nephew together with the guys from Sambokojin.

Now the sweet ending!

My nephew Antoine with a bunch of brownies and fruits.

The experience is totally awesome. You cant go wrong with the food for Php 650 per person. What I love about Sambokojin the most is their service. The staff is very attentive to all the needs of their customers. Never will you ask for your plates to be replaced, or your water glasses to be replenished. The staff will do it before you even ask for them to attend to your needs. They would also offer to bring the food to your table for your convenience, like a plate of tempura or a bowl of Kamameshi rice. Great!

I will definitely be back to Sambokojin sometime soon. Actually now na. Haha I wanna go back now na!

With the loves of my life, the gorgeous birthday girl Mama

and my very handsome Papa. Hehe!

Sambokojin (West Avenue)
Php 650 (adults), Php300 (children below 4 ft)
Address : 15 West Avenue, Quezon City
Tel. No. : (632) 372-8846 / (632) 921-2873
Operating Hrs. Mon-Fri 11:30am – 2pm / 6pm – 10pm
Sat –Sun 11am – 2pm / 5:30pm – 10pm

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fridate with the Girls at Gigi Coffee and Cupcakes (Eastwood)

Friday nights would usually be the girl bonding nights with my co workers and last night was I would think one of the sweetest Friday date I had with them. We had our dinner and opted to end the night with some sweet treats at this new coffee place near our office.

I have noticed a new cozy coffee shop that recently just opened inside Eastwood. At first, I wasn't certain if this place called Gigi is owned by Ms. Gigi Gaerlan who made this very very delightful sweet treats called custaroons but with a little research I made, this place carries the name of the innovator of that little custaroon gem. Having known that fact, I was sure that they offer great tasting goodies in there.

Gigi's Coffee and Cupcakes looks like a place you can hang out, relax and have that chit chat with your friends. Upon entering, we were greeted by the friendly staff which attended to us and answered all our queries about their vast selection of those small sweet treats. I was talking to one of the attendants whom I think is one of the owners (or atleast related to the owner) since I was asking for the very famous custaroons. He apologetically told me that they dont sell those in there since they just wanted to specialize in selling their cupcakes. I immediately asked for the Red Velvet Cupcake but to my disappointment, it was already out of stock. He said they didn't expect it would be gone from the display soon. My heart was a little broken (a little lang naman) but I was not discouraged because of other choices available on display.

That's my lovely friend Imee smiling and passing by as I took some shots
of the place.

It was indeed a cupcake heaven! I was blown away by the choices they offer. They have some very interesting offerings like the Sea Salt Chocolate Cupcake, and Green Tea Cupcake for the adventurous palate and Cappuccino, Cookies and Cream, Cinnamon and Red Velvet (which is basically their best seller) for the old fashioned tastebuds.

Aside from cupcakes, they also serve quite a few coffee concoctions. Let me share now the cupcakes and coffee we have sampled.

Sea Salt Chocolate (Php 40)
I love this cupcake! It tickles your taste buds as it plays first with the salty flavor coming from the sea salt, then the sweetness and richness of the chocolate. Its peculiar to eat a first bite but as you go along and bite some more, you'll find yourself wanting that weird mixture of tastes. Its a delight in every bite.

Green Tea (Php 40)
The Green Tea Cupcake is also a delight. It has that somehow bitter taste of the green tea but with the sweetness of the cupcake itself. The cake is super buttery and moist. I love it as well.

Cookies and Cream (Php 40)
The Cookies and Cream Cupcake is also a pleasure to eat. Its all sweet but the sweetness coming from the cake, the chocolate chips and the cream is clearly distinguishable.

Cappuccino (Php 40)
This cupcake will win the hearts of coffee lovers. The cupcake is buttery, moist and soft (actually all their cupcakes are like that) and the coffee based frosting is a winner.

Cookies and Cream Frappe (Php 95)

White Mocha and Iced Mocha (Php 90 each)
These two coffee concoctions are delish! I love the rich coffee taste and its not too sweet which I definitely like.

Iberica Coffee Vietnamese Drip (Php 80)
Im a sucker for Vietnamese coffee. I'm a big Ca Phe Sua Da fan, and that is the reason why I tried sampling their Vietnamese drip coffee. It was not bad at all but I was hoping that the coffee beans are stronger than what they have actually used. The ratio of the condensed milk and the coffee seemed not to be appropriate for my taste for the condensed milk overpowered the coffee thus making the whole cup too sweet.

I love the entire experience at Gigi's. I love how friendly their staff are, I love how cozy the place is, and most of all I love their cupcakes! Seriously, I'm not a big fan of desserts but I was enchanted in every bite of their cupcakes. I wish there's that Red Velvet cupcake on my next visit.

***I wanted to thank the girls, Ina, Imee and Hanna for making last night the sweetest Friday I have this month. More Fridates to come ladies!

These cupcakes brought out my sweet tooth!

Gigi Coffee and Cupcakes
5 Eastwood Avenue
Eastwood City, Libis QC

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bog's Brew, A truly Pinoy Craft Beer.

I have been hearing so much about Bogs brew. I remembered my friend Pete telling me about this, which he had sampled in Penpen's Resto (which I'm not really interested in visiting any time soon because of the poor reviews).

On my visit to CAB Cafe last Wednesday, I was delighted in seeing Bog's Brew on the menu. I then remember that the cafe's owners are from Negros and that this beer originated from that place.

Bog's Brew
(Negros, Philippines)
Style: Classic Ale Style
Alcohol Content: 5% ABV
My Rating: 3/5

I was so psyched in sampling a Filipino craft beer. From what I can remember, this is a sugar cane beer, sugar cane being ubiquitous in Negros which made it very unique.

The beer was served in a dark brown bottle with its label printed on plastic. I was given a glass and I delightedly pour the beer in it.

While I was pouring the beer, fruity aroma had popped out. I can smell hints of banana and some grassy notes. The beer poured into this beautiful deep amber color. Some residue also came down with the liquid which I actually dont know if was originally included in the beer or not. Haha. The head only lasted for a few seconds.

The taste is sweet. Sugarcane flavor envelopes my mouth each time I take a sip. Carbonation is too much for me. I find the beer a little too fizzy. There was a very faint hint of hops in the beer which makes the bitterness not too obvious. The flavor in general is also bland with no apparent richness or crispness in it.

Generally, I find the beer very very sweet and much carbonated. But i enjoyed the fact that Filipino brewers create a unique creation such as this.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

CAB Cafe (Kapitolyo, Pasig)

My housemate and I have this designated "date night" every Wednesday. I suppose this is really what, happy, fun loving, single ladies do huh? Haha. Anyway,the enchanting Barangay Kapitolyo in Pasig once again magnetized me and I decided to check my list of to-visit places in that area. I dragged my roomate and walked around the area finally deciding to have our dinner at CAB Cafe.

I have heard a lot about CAB cafe. A friend of mine from my tabloid days was raving about their desserts, particularly their Canonigo and their Pavlova. (oh geez just writing about it made me drool)

It was raining when we got there and the place isn't crowded at all. Just a few customers were dining by that time who actually looked like people from the neighborhood. We settled into the table and choose what food to order.

We ordered one pasta dish and one pizza dish for our dinner. I was wanting a light meal for I definitely intend to make room for dessert (lots of it).
Now, food shots!!!

Linguine Con Tonno (Php 175)

Basic tuna pasta in olive oil and capers

Pizza Negrense (Php 295)

10 inch pizza topped with cheese, sausage and quail eggs.

A close encounter of an egged pizza...

The pasta has nothing in it that is out of the ordinary. I was a little bothered though with too much olive oil in it, but generally it is a tasty pasta dish. What I loved though is the Pizza Negrense. Im a fan of sausages and this one definitely made this pizza special. I love the sweetness of the sausage blend with the saltiness of the cheese and the thinnest of the pizza crust. I also love the eggs texture on top of the pizza. Its gives it a little peculiar kick since I'm not really used to tasting an egg as a pizza topping.

Wait, I remember, I was a happy girl then! And that my friends is because of the beer. They serve Bog's Brew, a local organic craft beer brewed in Negros. But Ill write a separate blog post for that. Its not that great but I am very much pleased to know that there is a Filipino craft beer such as this.

Brew ni Bogs. :D
We were happy with the meal we just had but we were more psyched to have the dessert! As soon as I peeked on the display, I was certain that I am going to have the Mini Pavlova.

Mini Pavlova (Php 125)

We thought that their Mini Pavlova would be crunchy, airy and dry but to our surprise, it was everything in the opposite. The pastry is as soft as a mamon. The whipped cream is not as sweet as a merengue, the mangoes in between the layers of the mamon-like pastry is fresh and the crunch from the almonds and peanuts in between bites is great! The texture of this dessert is fantastic. On the first bite its soft, then you'll feel the glide from the whipped cream, then the crunch from the nuts. Its a shindig for the palate!

The service is great, ambiance is cozy, food is awesome and the dessert is fantastic. Yes, I will be back in this quiet little cafe soon. And when I say soon, I mean very soon!

CAB Cafe
18 East Capitol Drive
Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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