Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good Girl Gone Bad, Good Beer Gone Bad

I have been trying my very best to be a good girl. Yes yes you read that right. Little Jessica wanted to be a good girl. I have been feeling a little guilty lately for devouring too much beer and sometimes, my crazy mind even thinks I'm starting to be an alcoholic (insert suspense background music)

And so for a moment I thought about a non alcoholic beer. I know, for a beer lover, someone who probably say drinking beer with no alcohol is boring. Well, yes for me perhaps it would be the same precept although I know some great beers have very low alcohol content that would go as low as 2% ABV. 

In my pursuit of finding a "good" beer, when I said good I meant a non alcoholic beer, I came across this beer from Holland called Bavaria. 

Style: Low alcohol
Alcohol Content : 0% ABV
My Rating: 0 as well. :( 

Flat. Everything is flat. From the nose to the head. The color as well is flat with a blonde straw yellow color. The taste is flat as well. At first, it is very malty then would shift into being slightly sweet then slightly sour with no bitter finish at all. 

It was a worthless try. Why in the world would someone who want to consume beer would opt for a non alcoholic one? One could have at least thought of really, totally forgetting beer or screw the thought of avoiding alcohol in their beverage and stick with the good ole beer we all used to drink. I actually dont have any idea if the other non alcoholic beers would taste as bad as this one, but if all were the same then I guess I should really forget that I am trying to give up drinking. 

Got this beer from the Distillery, Eastwood City


michymichymoo said...

This is not the first time I've read about non-alcoholic beer, but it seems like a decaf coffee, which is not really appealing to a coffee addict like me. Beer should always have alcohol as coffee should always have caffeine, amen? :)


jssica wabbit said...

Amen my love! Hehehe. Miss you!

Ray for En Route said...

What?!?!? You're giving up beer? BLASPHEMY!!!!!


jssica wabbit said...

LOL Ray! Never will I give up something that I love! I miss you all. Wish I can join the next food trip. :)

totomai said...

it's getting popular here in Japan - beers with 0% alcohol. well, can't blame as others want to drive back home. so for the sake of enjoying the party, thus they drink non-alocholic beers