Mexican Feast at Sunzibar (Tacloban, Leyte)

 I have spent my last day in Tacloban by going around town and exploring good eats of the place. I have been hearing a lot about this small little Mexican eatery in the heart of Tacloban called Sunzibar and I have asked my cousin Jel to take me there for one good hearty lunch. 

I love good Mexican food and I was crossing my fingers not to be disappointed with this one. 

We arrived there at exactly lunch time and we got the place to ourselves for there are no customers just yet. I was even wondering if they ever get the place packed. To my surprise, people come pouring after a few minutes of our stay there. 

The place is a little small so you might have a little difficulty finding it. Ask the locals though and they'll be glad to help you for directions.

Warm lights inside the resto. Its cozy. :)

I do fancy these wall art they have. So cute!
I was starving when we got there and in no time, we placed our orders and anticipated a great meal. Here's what we ordered. 

For starters, we ordered their Hot Beef Nachos.

Hot Beef Nachos (Php 130)
I love this! Me and my cousin are raving over these great nacho dish! The hot beef topping together with a very tasty tomato sauce, sauteed mushrooms and sour cream is totally to die for. Servings are hefty too! its a 5/5 for me. :)

We also ordered a pasta dish and a rice dish. 

Salisbury Steak (Php 102)
Beef patties char grilled to perfection with mushroom brown gravy served with rice. I love the smokiness of the char grilled beef patties and how juicy and tasty it is. :) 

Tuna Pesto (Php 112)

Their Tuna Pesto is so so. I personally think that the pesto sauce is a little bland. I love their presentation though. Their pasta dishes comes with a tortilla bread and a salad. 

Raspberry Iced Tea (Php 65?) I fogot how much. Hehe.

They do serve margaritas and mojitos as well (I think) but I wasn't in the mood to have any since I still have a flight to catch. :) 

Generally, the food is good and the prices are very very cheap! They do serve quality Mexican food and its definitely a must to go visit Sunzibar if you're craving for Mexican food in Tacloban. 

Burgos St, Tacloban Leyte


michymichymoo said…
I miss my mom's hometown. It's been a while since we visited. :(
Anonymous said…
you should have tried their rum ribs, it's divine :)
jssica wabbit said…
I was not in the mood to have ribs that time thats why I didnt. But I have heard that its really delish. Ill be back in Tacloban soon, perhaps thats the next order. :)