Its more fun in Samar! Beach time at Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort (Marabut, Western Samar)

Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort
I have been dying to go on a beach trip and that long weekend during the holy week gave me the time to explore Leyte and Samar. I was happy to have spent time with my beloved cousin Jel and her family on a day at the beach.

We had arranged a day at Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort in Marabut Samar which is a 45 minute drive from Tacloban.

The place is gorgeous! I am a proud Samarnon and I must say that this is one place people from the Metro should discover.

Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort is an eco-tourism resort which promotes the beauty of Western Samar. It boasts their world class facilities which provides comfort and will make someone very much close to nature. It is surrounded with breath taking views of small islets and coral gardens.

Now let me give you a tour of the place. :)

I fell in love with their infinity pool, that's where me and Jel hang out most of the time on our stay there. Look how gorgeous! 

I also love their Zen garden. My cousin Jel and I actually called this area a virgin coconut oil pond. Hehehe

The resort also provide accommodation for those who wants to spend a few nights. I heard they just opened a new hotel building which is situated near the infinity pool. 

Their room costs from Php 2,300 to Php 5,900 a night.

Their newly opened hotel building
Beach Villa

And now the breath taking view of the place...

Beer please? Haha! Their Bar.
Breath Taking Seascape
Kids playing at the shore. How fun is that?!

There were a lot of activities to do in there. Me and Jel rented a boat for Php 100 an hour. We went around the bay to see rock formations and went to a small islet with pristine white sand and a cave. I got to paddle my way there as well! 

We went boating too!
Rock formations found around the bay

More rock formations...
Me and my cousins on our way to the small island :)
Kuya Jun, our bangkero for that day. :) Thanks for showing us around!

Beautiful little island.

After paddling like crazy around the bay, of course its time to finally have our lunch. No outside food is allowed in the resort but they would gladly prepare the meals for you. We decided to ask for a catered lunch that day. Food is so-so, nothing special. 

Lunch Time!
That's Jel's plate right there. Haha. Well food includes grilled liempo, grilled fish, bbq, pancit and veggies.

Good choice of dessert! Buco is abundant in the area, why not make good use of it eh?

We spent most of our time hanging out by the pool area where we both just chatted the afternoon away. I havent seen my cousin for the longest time and I was certain even before I arrived Tacloban that the girl bonding will be very very looooooong. I wasnt wrong. Hehehe. 

I totally recommend the place for those who wanted to take a break from the city. Boracay is too crowded. You guys might want to consider this beautiful little hidden gem of Samar. 

**Special thanks to my lovely cousin Jel for taking most of the photos of this trip. You can check out her Flickr account, (she takes a lot of gorgeous photos)

Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort
Marabut, Western Samar
+63 55 276 5206


Those rock formations are spectacular! At least doon naman sa easter Samar yung waves haha :D
Cyrus said…
Wow, i will definitely add this on my to-go list!
jssica wabbit said…
michy - super ganda talaga dyan.

ray - yeah baby we in E. Samar got the good waves. Oh how I miss surfing!

Cy - Thanks for dropping by. This is a definite must visit place. A secret hideaway Im actually quite hesitant to share but who am I to be selfish when the place is this gorgeous!