Holy Beer for the Holy Week? (Abbaye de Forest Beer)

Friday.  No not Holy Friday but that Friday before the Holy Week starts, I went to The Distillery (of course, where else?) with the Friday crew to chill. I was very much decided not to drink the usual but to sample some beers that night. I was in abstinence actually and was totally guilty being there that time. But who am I to resist the temptation? Most especially the temptation coming from an abbey brew. Talk about holy temptation! Hehe. 

Abbaye de Forest

Brasserie de Silly, Belgium 
Style: Belgian Ale
Alcohol Content: 6.5% ABV
My Rating : 4/5

You would probably think that it is weird to see a nuns face on a beer label but yes, your eyes are not playing any tricks just because its the Holy Week. :)) 

Abbaye de Forest is a real abbey found in Belgium but the Abbaye de Forest beer just circulated the beer scene back in 2007. 

Has a malty nose which resembles to bread. It pours into a hazy golden yellow straw color with a lasting big white head that leaves off a good lacing afterwards. The taste at first just like the nose is malty, then it would give off this citrus flavor perhaps of lemon with hints of spicy notes that I actually cannot decipher. It has a sweet aftertaste maybe of honey flavor followed by a lingering bitterness which would make you want more. 

I love it. I would want to have some more only if im not abstaining from beers. Hehehehe. 

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