Vietnamese Food Trip

It was a great experience trying out great cuisine from different places around the globe. I feel so much blessed having an opportunity to travel and sample the authentic cuisine that these countries have.

My recent trip to Vietnam made me experience the Vietnamese way of life by sampling their cuisine. Now here's a round up on the must-try Vietnamese food.

1. Bhan Mi Thit

This definitely would top my list! Baguette with pate, mayo, pickled veggies, cilantro, and grilled pork belly. Darn this is heaven in a baguette! Hehehe.

2. Pho Bo Kho

Pho means noodles, Bo is beef and Kho is what they call stew, so basically its beef stew noodles. Served with basil, chilis, sprouts and lemon on the side. I love how rich but not too overpowering this dish is. One of the best noodle dishes I've ever tasted. :)

3. Cha Gio

Vietnamese fried pork spring rolls. Great to eat with lettuce and dip in the special sauce. Hmmm maybe, just maybe im being partial to all things fried but i'd say this one is really a must try though it resembles the lumpiang shanghai very much.

4. Bhan Xeo

Vietnamese pancake. Has sprouts, sliced pork and a special sauce that I cant seem to decipher what the exact ingredients are but it was really just heavenly.

5. Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong

Rice noodles topped with spring rolls and grilled pork. Great combo of texture and flavors. One meal with the components of 3 courses, Salad, appetizer and main dish. :)

6. Pho Bo

Who will skip eating Pho when in Vietnam? This refreshing noodle dish is a must try. It perfectly compliments even the hottest summer day and also best in a cold windy day.

7. Goi Cuon

Fresh Spring rolls of rice paper with rice noodles, shrimp, pork, lettuce, lemon grass and basil. Clean to the palate with ingredients such as lettuce, basil and lemon grass. Though the strong flavors of these greens overpowers the entire dish.

8. Com Tam Suon Bi Cha

Vietnamese broken rice with pork chop, shredded pork skin and egg omelet. I enjoyed the different texture that this dish brings. The sweet flavor of the pork chop, the creaminess of the egg omelet and the grainy texture of the shredded pork skin is a treat to the palate.

Of course I would like to save the best for last. My favorite beverage of all, Ca Phe Sua Da!

I just fancy that coffee culture that their country has. I love how passionate they are with their coffee. Seeing people carrying cups of coffee anywhere makes me want to live there and have unlimited access to their street coffee stalls all year round.

In retrospect, Vietnamese food is healthy, delicious, with no overpowering taste in general. Their ingredients makes their food delightfully fresh and clean. So when in Vietnam, bear in mind to have these great tasting dishes to try.


michymichymoo said…
Bring me to a Vietnamese resto, ate wabbit. :(
jssica wabbit said…
Will do, will do my dear. Very soon. :)