Saturday, March 17, 2012

Real Belgian Pils at The Distillery for (Beer-ness)The Beer Friday Sessions

Me and the Friday crew went to The Distillery, which I would say our regular Friday watering hole, last night. Regularly, me and my buds would opt for either Jim Beam or Bacardi apple but last night, I decided to start first with a beer. The Distillery has a wide array of beers to chose from and what tickled my fancy that night was a thirst quenching pilsner from Belgium.

Real Belgian Pils
Alcohol Content : 5% ABV
My rating: 3

The reason why I chose this beer last night was because there was an unbearable thirst that ive been suffering the entire day. Perhaps I was very stressed for handling some things at work and I have thought that a Pilsner, particularly a Belgian Pils would quench that thirst. I drooled as soon as Ive seen the bottle from the display.

The packaging was pretty bland. Its not as appealing as the other bottles on display but I have thought of giving it a try since I know that Belgium is actually well known to have the best tasting beer.

The nose was simply heavenly with a heavy smell of perhaps wheat, like a freshly baked bread. You can see that white head upon pouring which doesn't really stay for long but leaves a little lacing afterwards. The color is light straw to golden yellow (im not so sure since it was quite dark in there, hehe) The taste is very delicious. Its is full bodied with perfect carbonation. There is a hint of citrus flavors, maybe of lemon or lime, it has a deep malt taste and a lingering hoppy, dry finish which leaves you wanting for more. Perhaps one of the beers I would want to have again and again. Well not because it does have a distinct taste. I honestly think that Eku Pils is still my bet for this style of beer, but still this is something I would prefer over other beers available.

I just wish the packaging can be made a little more appealing. Its quite boring for me. But the taste is good, but basically not really something you would tend to go the extra mile to get.

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