O'sonho Portuguese Fusion Restobar (Eastwood Mall, Libis QC)

And another lunch out was set again by me and my co workers. We were thinking of where to eat this lunchtime and was torn between Italian and American cuisine, then we thought of this Portuguese restaurant that we always just pass by whenever we are in Eastwood mall (and I should say most of the time we are at Eastwood mall, hehehe)

As soon as we entered, I noticed that they do have a huge dining space with high ceiling. The tables were set spaciously and I think they still can squeeze in more tables if there's a need to do so.

It didnt feel much comfy for me though. Maybe there's too much light from the outside since the whole place is entirely surrounded by glass walls. Dont get me wrong, I do love sunlight. Thing is, perhaps I was wanting a little more coziness that time for a relaxing lunch.

Whenever I hear Portuguese cuisine, the first thing that comes to my mind is their traditional Bacalao and those sweet Portuguese tarts which I love. Aside from that, I don't really have any specific dish in mind besides the fact that I can somehow compare its similarity with Spanish cuisine. Well, I was not wrong.

Okay, I know you don't want too much of my blah blah blah's so here are the dishes that we ordered.

We started our lunch with buttered toast (bruschetta as what they call it in Italian cuisine) and minced fresh tomato in olive oil. Certainly kicked up our appetite.

Next up, we ordered their house salad.

O'sonho's House Greens (Php 280) - A bed of farm fresh Romain lettuce with glazed walnuts, dried tomatoes, goat cheese, quezo de bola drizzled with a sweet balsamic dressing

According to my friend, the salad "taste healthy". Haha, fun way to describe the taste huh? The balsamic dressing was a little too sweet for me. Its almost like a cranberry or prune dressing and I didnt quite like it. But the combination of the dried tomatoes, quezo de bola, goat cheese and the sweet dressing is divine.

Then here comes the main dishes.

Ciao Madrid Paella Pasta (Php 350) - combination of chicken, their home made Portuguese chourico, fresh squid, prawns and clams in a delectable paella sauce. A must try dish.

I certainly enjoyed the Paella Pasta. You actually wouldn't notice the difference between the rice paella and the pasta paella because its certainly the same! I like paella in general, perhaps one of my favorite dishes that's why I definitely enjoyed it.

Lengua de Vaca / Carne de Lingua (Php 290) - Braised Ox tongue sauteed in a special spices infused with peri peri sauce.

The lengua was spoon soft and it was heavenly. The sauce was a bit weird though. It kinda resembles the Pata Tim sauce. I was just a bit surprised with the taste for I was expecting something like a mushroom sauce being incorporated with the dish. Overall, i'd give it a 3/5.

Portuguese Baby Back Ribs (forgot to take note of the price) - succulent slab of baby back ribs in a sweet tangy sauce served with mashed potatoes.

This Portuguese baby is definitely a winner. Roasted perfectly with that sweet tangy sauce, I would have to say that its one of the best baby back ribs I've ever tasted.

Black Paella / Paella Negra (Php 480) - this serving is good for sharing. Paella with squid ink, bell peppers and quality seafood. Another must try.

But the star is this! Their Paella Negra is the bomb! The squid ink married to those tiny grains of rice with a hefty toppings of different seafoods such as clams, prawns, mussels and fish fillet is ohhhh sooooo goooood! Never skip this dish to order when in O'sonho.

Oh and I love their Iced Tea too!

For me the dishes were superb, its just that its a bit too salty. Or maybe, just maybe since I am in a certain condition right now that hinders me to eat anything salty made me notice the salt level of every food I take. Either way its a great place to get quality Portuguese Fusion food. I would love to go back and try some more dishes from their menu.

O'sonho Portuguese Fusion Restobar
Unit 1880-5, 1880 Building,
Eastwood Mall, Bagumbayan, Quezon City
470-1768 / 0922-8707844


Sumi Go said…
I want to eat here soon! :D Everything looks so tasty! The next time I'm in Eastwood, I'll make sure to eat here :D
jssica wabbit said…
Yep Sumi! Seems like everything are must try's!
michymichymoo said…
I realized I haven't tried Portuguese yet. :)

jssica wabbit said…
Then sama na natin sa list ng cuisine to try michy!
Ever since my obsession to create perfect baby back ribs, I have been on the lookout for pics that show that good "pullback" and color. This one looks gooood :D !

We've been to O'Sonho a few times, and their Paella is pretty good :) There's this one order that really takes long. Some sort of Peri-peri chicken.