A night with an Arrogant Bastard

My closest buddies would have to agree when I say that sarcasm, dourness, and arrogance appeals to me so much. A lady would love a challenge perhaps, something that would bring me out of my comfort zone and would piss me off. I don't know why I seem to fancy that overbearingness but I do.

Want a proof?

Spent one hot night with an Arrogant Bastard and I'm telling you, I was totally blown away. I was pissed and turned off at the same time but I still asked for more... Give it to me baby! :))

Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale
Stone Brewing Co.
(California, USA)
Style: American Strong Ale
Alcohol Content : 7.20% ABV
My Rating: 4/5

The Arrogant Bastard gave an off white head with a good retention. It leaves some good lacing too. The nose smells like fresh bread with hints of perhaps cinnamon or burnt wood, also grassy. The taste.... At first sip, an explosion of flavors would overwhelm your taste buds. Its malty, caramely and smooth at first but its hoppy bitter, and I'm telling you its overpoweringly bitter, with grassy and earthy notes as you finish. It is somehow plasticky in the middle which I think is a common characteristic of Ales (well at least in most of the ales I have tried that is).

I hate it! I hate that it's too bitter for my taste but develop too much of a liking as I continue sipping, well gulping. Haha. I hate the fact that it has complex flavors, from earthy, malty, caramely to grassy, that I seem to dig very much. I hate the way the Arrogant Bastard played with me that night. He knew my weakness. He knew I would dig him. He knew I would fall for him. And so I did...

Got this great brew at Howzat Sports Bar in Makati. :)


Anonymous said…
Wow! a very much detailed beer review. :)
jssica wabbit said…
:) Thanks for visiting my blog! :D
totomai said…
well, some beer doesnt offer love at first gulp haha. :-)
jssica wabbit said…
True that totomai. Hehehe. Oh dear, my beer love affairs are getting spicier. Hahaha!