Looking Back.

I have this blog for years. I remember when I was just starting posting entries, most of it was about lamenting on my previous relationships which have gone sour. Earlier this night, I was actually reading some of it, realizing with great relief that everything happened in the past. Over and done.

The writing style was definitely different. Now I'm confused whether I write better when I'm in pain, or in love than when I'm traveling and satisfied with great cuisine. Just recently too, I have been yearning to write a love letter for someone, something I haven't done in ages. I miss expressing my inner thoughts, something not in the obvious. I miss playing with words of passion. I miss writing with great content that my authored creation was being read by someone special whom I wrote that specifically for.

I am an emotional writer. Just like me being an emotional photographer, or an emotional painter. Damn I am that emotional! I have forgotten about that!

I used to write great tales of my misadventures. The glorious days of my juvenility. Where all I care about is my love life and what to do with a lot of precious free time. Haha! Time flies and here I am. Juggling my time, dealing with every tasks, every job and every possible opportunity to relax with an impossible schedule.

Why am I even writing this? Maybe I got tired of being bitter. Maybe I got tired of ignoring emotions that I don't want to feel. Or maybe, I am ready to face the ghosts of my past, tucked away from my reality. LOL. See I'm even laughing now as I write this thing!

Maybe I should post something like this again.

No maybe on another blog. :))


michymichymoo said…
I miss writing poems. :( It's been a while since I wrote one. But I'm having this literary writer's block.hahaha. :)

jssica wabbit said…
We have been too focused on writing about food mitch! Maybe its time we go back writing poems and personal stuff again.
Anonymous said…
A recent seminar I attended recommended that you write a few paragraphs in the morning immediately upon waking up. No editing. Just write what you feel like jotting down. It's really good exercise and helps you ease off some of that tensions. =)
jssica wabbit said…
Ah thanks so much anonymous. I would have to say that I think it is really a good exercise for writing! :)
Mrs.A said…
Keep on blogging. :)

I used to blog about different (more personal) things in the past. I miss those days too.
jssica wabbit said…
Thanks so much for encouraging me to keep on blogging. I am truly inspired by all your encouragements. I have just stopped writing about more personal things to focus more on food and lifestyle posts but maybe its time to actually go back writing some more personal things. :)

Thanks everyone!