I'm one of the boys at Howzat Sports Bar (Makati)

I am so excited to write this. I was in an event earlier and rushed down home just to make this post! Why? Coz I've found a new hangout!!!!!!!! *screams* (Alright thats too much, hahaha)

Last Thursday, I met up with some of the PEX foodies for some cold beers and a lot of catching up. I was thinking before I head to this place that this is what boys will call heaven. Beer on tap, wide screen tv that shows every possible sports game that one can think of, and great beer food. If I were a guy, I would surely say im in cloud nine! Guess what? I really do thought I was in heaven. I almost hollo, "Pinch me!, I think im in heaven!!!!!"

We have been planning to visit Howzat Sports bar in Makati for the longest time since my friend Denis mentioned it but never really had the chance to do so since we were all very busy and our schedules wont match. But luckily that night, after a client meeting at Rockwell which is technically a stone throw away from the place, we finally pushed through.

Outside the bar, it was a little intimidating, or if that's really the right term to use. It looks like a sleazy little bar full of DOMs, well the place is actually situated near the red light district of Makati that's why. But once I stepped inside the bar, WHOA! It was like I was taken to another dimension, alright another country. It was indeed an English pub!

This reminded me of the TV series Cheers. :)

Wide screen TV all over the place showing different kinds of sports. Men's paradise I may say.

Aside from being a bar, Howzat serves as a little deli as well for they sell different kinds of pate, sausages and other imported cooking stuff that one can buy.

Lynne and Ray of www.lynne-enroute.com was with me that time and we were the first ones who came and we ordered Guinness on tap as soon as we got in! Woot!!!!

My oh my. My pint of Guinness fresh from the tap. Yummeh!!!!

By the way, ever night, from 5-8 PM, they have a promo of Buy 1 Take 1 Guinness Draugh for only Php 160! Isn't that a steal? Too bad I was 7 minutes late that night so I wasn't able to avail the said promo. I dont mind though since the beer is definitely worth to spend even to my last penny. Naks. :D

We also ordered some food to pair up with our beers.

Calamares (Php 230)

This SMB battered squid rings are cooked to perfection. Not too soft, not too gummy but just chewy enough. Great dish to go with our beers.

All Meat with 4 Cheese Pizza (Php 400)

I fell in love with this pizza as soon as I had my first bite. The toppings are hefty! Perhaps the toppings of cheeses and meats composed around 80% of this pizza. I love how heavy the toppings are in the middle of the pizza, which will satisfy you right away on the first bite and leave it light and crisp as you finish along to the end of the pie. Oh dear, I can still taste this in my mouth as I write this. This is the newest addition to their line of pizza so better try this one when you visit them. Well what can go wrong with the pizza+beer combo?

Grimsby Fish and Chips (Php 396)

As what I keep on saying here in my blog, I am a huge fan of fish and chips and this one, I could say is one of the best I've ever tasted here in the metro. The beer batter is perfect! Squeeze in that wedge of lime on top, eat it together with the thickly cut fried potato wedge and its on! If they serve this on newspaper and with vinegar, I would really have to assume that I am in England. :)

Nachos and Ground Beef (Php 220)

A big bowl of nachos came to our table and we were swooned! Those golden tortilla chips were topped with ground beef, salsa and mozarella cheese served with a cheese dip. Im telling you, its a lot! Too much that my friend Aebby said it was never left empty whenever they order it there.

The food was awesome but the beer selection is awesomer! Yeah I know there's no such term but who cares? Their beer selection are to die for, well for a beer fanatic such as me. I heard that they are one of the partner restaurant of Jim Araneta's Global Beer Exchange thus the great selection of American craft beers and Euro beers.

I'll give you a sneak peak of the beers we've tried that night. Ill write an individual posts for each of these beers to let you further savor the deliciousness of these beers. Oh and they've got these funky names and images in their bottles as well.

Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale

Rouge Dead Guy Ale

Me and Ray enjoyed these great tasting ales while the others savor that sweet, chocolatey Guinness stout. Together with great tales of traveling, creepy hotel room experiences and just about anything under the sun, that night in Howzat was definitely one hell of a food trip.

Also glad that I was with two of my favorite couples, Ray and Lynne and Denis and Aebby together with their cute son Wacky and of course my good bud Miko.

I wish that that night will happen every week. Good times!!!!

Howzat Sports Bar Makati
Kalayaan Ave. cor. Fermina St., Brgy. Poblacion
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 897-3335

You guys can check out their Menu by clicking this:

Howzat Sports Bar Menu


Ray said…
Sniff... Guinness on tap.... *tears of happiness* :')

And I have found another reason for existance: Arrogant Bastard Ale. This beer speaks to my inner demons (no pun intended :P ) :D The one that should never settle for complacency, like some tasteless-ass beer with no character and requries it to be below ) degrees celsus before it becomes palatable.

How utterly discriminating of me :P
michymichymoo said…
Woah. Too bad I was damn busy. Glad you had a great time though. See you soon! :)

Jeo said…
I should try that Guiness on tap, thanks for introducing :)Also those ales look so good. I've settled with Heineken, Tiger, Tsing Tao, SMB and Red Horse. It's time for me try other beers!
jssica wabbit said…
Rey - I can really sense that you had a great time. Well our next beer adventure is yet to come so brace yourself. :)

michy - We missed you that night. Hope you can join next food trip.'

Jeo - Its time my friend to be delighted with the rich flavors of different beer styles. I used to love only the lagers but now im slowly developing this love affair with ales and stouts and porters and lambics. Whew! :D