Hed Kandi Beach House 2011

As soon as I felt that the temperature is starting to heat up, I definitely know that my hunt for my summer anthem is on. Being one of my favorite time of the year, every summer must have its own annual anthem and for this summer, I've found not only one but a whole album!

Hed Kandi records once again released their annual Beach House series with great summer anthems to bring with you to the beach. I have a few favorites as of this album and my replay button was definitely abused as soon as I acquired a copy.

Tracks that I really do love are as follows:

Stephanie Cooke & Diephui - Beautiful Life (feat Han Litz - Jose Carretas Son Liva vocal remix)
Carl Hanaghan - Summertime (feat Kaysee - Richard Earnshaw Classic mix)
Miguel Migs - Do It For You (feat Li'sha - original vocal mix)
Office Gossip - Street Talk (original mix)

Its great to listen again to my favorites Miguel Migs again this time with Lisa Shaw. Office gossip, Seamus Haji and Rasmus Faber also have their contribution to this sexy, funky, and festive collection of great beach music to make your hot summer nights hotter and sexier!


Oh yeah :D Sexy grooves in the scorching sun. Summer is here :D !

Since you love hosue music, check out Mond Ortiz's mixes. Join Deep End Music's page :)

And for those cosmopolitan mix of tunes, search Flightsexy by DJ Mond Ortiz in Google. I've downloaded all of his mixes already :D !
jssica wabbit said…
I love it! Thanks Ray! This would add up to my new grooves to enjoy this summer. :D
michymichymoo said…
I'll try to download this. :)

Thanks! ;)