Good Beer Books to Read

I have certainly found a new passion. Maybe its the love for life and all things fun. Maybe its the love for food and culture. Maybe its my love for history. But I would say, its my love for celebration.

After tasting my first ales and stouts, after getting hooked with our very own pilsners and growing up exposed with all kinds of brewski , I have definitely decided I need to know more about these fine tasting beverages, rich not just with flavors but with history.

It was important for me to make researches about the things I like and reading books, as also one of my passion is reading. So far I have three great beer books that I wanted to recommend for those who wanted to know some beer basics.

1. Beer by Eve Adamson

The very first beer book that I have purchased. Its a must read for those who does not have any idea about beer styles and its origins. It made me personally be interested more, not just with the ubiquitous pilsners that we have here in the Philippines but also with the wide range or choices from different parts of the world, particularly the Trappist Ales from Belgium, English Ales from the UK, Russian Stouts and Belgian Lambics. The book also features the must-try beer from different continents, with of course our very own San Miguel Pale Pilsen and San Miguel Cerveza Negra being featured.

2. Great Beer Guide by Michael Jackson

No, not the Michael Jackson that sang Ben or Beat It or Dangerous. He's Michael Jackson, an English writer who authored several books about beers. He is called "The Beer Hunter" and his works became beer bibles for beer enthusiast all over the world. In this book, he featured 500 classic brews from all over the globe. He presented it with photos of beer bottles and its traditional serving glass. I drooled over Alaskan Smoked Porter, Belle Vue Kriek, Rodenbach Alexander, Samuel Smith's Imperial Stouts and many many many more.

3. The Beer Devotional by Jess Lebow

Talk about a daily beer reference. The author Jess Lebow featured one beer for 365 days of the year! Youll never run out of new beer styles to try. However, most of the beers featured in this book is not available in our country. Still, this is a good book to read for those who wants a good running list of good American brews.

Im still in search for more good beer books to read to expand my knowledge in beers. Do you have anything to recommend?


michymichymoo said…
Wow! You're taking beer-ology to heart ah.hehe. :) I'll look for beer books for you when I visit the bookstore. :)
jssica wabbit said…
Thank you michymoo! I love you! Hahaha!
Haha Michael Jackson wrote a book on beer :D ?
jssica wabbit said…
Apparently he did. Hahah! No thats a different Michael Jackson no!