Fried Food Galore at Stackers Burgers (Eastwood Citywalk Libis, QC)

Me and my friend were particularly craving for something fried that night before heading off to the airport for our flight to Ho Chi Minh. I wasn't in the mood to eat burgers but the only place we can think of that doesn't have too much diners was Stackers in Eastwood City walk.

I have previously dined at Stackers and tried their burgers which I think is just quite so-so and nothing really to rave about.

We chose to order the Mushroom Soup, Fried Mozarella Sticks, Fish and Chips, and Fried Chicken.

Fried Mozarella Sticks

Fish and Chips

Fried Chicken

Our Fried Feast for that night. Yeah calorie galore! :D

I would totally recommend the Fried Mozarella Sticks. Even if I find it a little bland (for mozarella cheese is actually bland) the Tex Mex sauce that comes with it made the dish balanced. I was actually craving for it this morning! Their Fish and Chips is also good. I love how they battered and fried the fish because it wasn't that oily. Im not sure but I even tasted a faint beer batter flavor in it when I had my first bite. The Fried Chicken is ok. Nothing special on its taste. Mushroom soup is ok too.

Well that night, the fried food cravings were certainly solved!

Stackers Burger Café, Eastwood City Walk
G/F, Eastwood City Walk, E Rodriguez Ave., Bagumbayan
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 709-2134


michymichymoo said…
We always go for burgers when we go to Stackers.hahaha. :)
jssica wabbit said…
Ang weird lang namin kasi dahil that time we were craving for all things fried. Hahaha!
i♥pinkc00kies said…
tried their burger before but we didn't like it. nothing special considering the price :( i'd rather go to army navy or my other fave burger stores...
The mozzarella sticks look really good...:)
Jeo said…
Hi! How's the Fish? is it a bit soft?
jssica wabbit said…
Hi pink! I didnt like their burgers that much as well. :)

Oceanne - really good indeed. Now im craving for it again. Hehehe.

Jeo - crispy on the outside and juicy soft on the inside. cooked perfectly. :)
You had me at fried mozerella sticks! I've never ecountered a version I didn't like. Paired with salsa pa! Heaven! =)
jssica wabbit said…
Well my problem with mozzarella stick is actually its lack of taste. The consistency and texture though is superb. Pero anyway, I like this version very much!