Asahi Super Dry (Beer-nes Beer Friday Session)

This post is actually long overdue. :) It was a few months back when I first visited Ramen Bar at Eastwood Mall when I rekindled my liking for Asahi Super Dry.

This as one of the first few foreign beers I have tried and liked. Well of course the fact that it is a pale lager and my partiality to lagers always persist.

Anyway for this Beer-ness beer Friday Session we look at one good Japanese brew.

Asahi Super Dry
Asahi Breweries (Japan)
Style: Pale Lager
Alcohol content : 5% ABV
My rating : 3

Golder colored liquid upon pouring, with very thin head that disappeared right away leaving no lacing. No particular nose. Taste is of very very faint malts, a little grassy with a slight metallic taste. Carbonation is just right. Crisp and very light. Very refreshing if served cold.

I just love the good memories this beer brought back. It is indeed one beer i'd enjoy drinking with my buddies while watching a basketball game or perhaps indulging on a horror flick.

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