3 Wishes for my 28th

I haven't really thought about what to wish for on my birthday this year. Maybe I dont really believe that wishes do come true (yes, I am already jaded) but still there's no harm in giving it a shot.

I would have to thank God for how blessed I am. To have a loving family who supports me all the time, bestfriends whom sometimes I dont have time for but are still there when I need them and are still there to see the sparks when I have em (they know what i'm talking about), friends who are always there for good times and bad, work that is very much challenging, travels and adventures to learn new things from and I am given a chance to grow everyday because of the new people I meet. Most of the time I would say, "What more can I wish for?"

As I blow my birthday candles this afternoon, the first three wishes that popped out of my mind are:

1. A sharper mind for more bright ideas.
2. More clients for my wedding / hosting business.
3. A healthy body.

Crossed my fingers, closed my eyes and wished for these. I almost have everything! Well not all things material for I still want a lot but I am happy. I am satisfied. If there will be more blessings then its cooler, if there's none then I'd still be happy and contented.

Sometimes, I do wish for someone to love. Maybe it comes with age, maybe I really want to be with someone but.... Well I dont really know if I really want to or not. Hahaha.

The past 2 years of my life are indeed full of graces. Yes, there were a lot of pains and hardships but those things made me stronger, wiser, and I have certainly became more appreciative with life.

I wanted to thank all those people who were made instruments by God to make my life full of fun and full of surprises. To by bestfriends Carlo, Jep, Tara and Rey. To my beloved PEX foodies, to my YBM family, my Merriment family, my college buds who are still there for me, to the rest of the folks I have met along the way, to all the boys I've loved before (LOL) and to my family, thank you so much for making my life worth living.

For now, all I know is, I wanted to write more. I wanted to have more adventures. I wanted to have more friends. I know I will have these things. I know I will be more blessed. I know I will have almost everything I aspire to have.

Well, Its a Happy Birthday indeed!


totomai said…
happy birthday and hope all wishes will come true. :-)
tagay! kampai!
jssica wabbit said…
Thanks a lot Totomai! :D
michymichymoo said…
Harhar on "to all the boys I've loved before.." hahaha! :)

Happy birthday! I wish you more blessings! :) See you soon! :)
jssica wabbit said…
LOL! Thanks michy! See you soon! Miss you!