Tripology : Going to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

They still call it Saigon eh?

I have been wanting to go to Ho Chi Minh for the longest time and as soon as I got my schedule cleared, and as soon as Cebu Pacific had seat sale, I booked and off I went to one of my dream destination. :)

Boarded on gate 109. :)

Me and my friend were on the Cebu Pacific red eye flight leaving Manila at 11:55 PM and arriving at Ho Chi Minh 1:30 am. There's an hour difference between Manila and Ho Chi Minh, Manila being ahead.

One good thing I liked about traveling with Cebu Pacific is they allow their passengers to do the Web Check in 48 - 4 hours before the flight. I checked in via web and it allowed me to be on the airport even 45 minutes before the departure time. There's also a special counter for all those who checked in online so there's less hassle since the queue is shorter.

For more info, visit their website at

The trip was quite short. I just slept on our way. I just basically hate Cebu Pacific's in flight activities, maybe I was just tired that time but I'd appreciate it if they just let the passengers rest. Alright I demand too much for such cheap flights, sorry. Hehehe. But in all fairness to Cebu Pacific, they have already taught their FA's the proper way to do their make up. Unlike the last time I flew with them to Singapore. Read more about that HERE.

We arrived on a cool Saturday morning in Ho Chi Minh. It was pretty easy going through the immigration since they're not that strict. It took me only less than 30 seconds before the immigration officer gave me the stamp. Well welcome to Vietnam he said. Then off I go. :)

There are a few Foreign Exchange counter at the airport as soon as you go out but only one is open during that time of the night. We have no VND that time and really planned to exchange our money at the airport but to my dismay, the ladies who were in the forex dont speak English which made it a little difficult to do the transaction. They wont tell you how much the exchange rate is and would grab the money from your hand as soon as you come near the counter. So be very cautious and ask first how much the exchange rates are.

The only Forex counter open at that time.

Vietnamese Dong. I was a millionaire there!

I downloaded an Iphone app OANDA which converts currency and I think it was a big help for me during my travels. I checked the current exchange rate and found out that theirs is totally low. I was able to really confirmed it was since I also exchanged some Philippine Peso in downtown Ho Chi Minh. Anyway, I dont really suggest exchanging your money at the airport. If you really need to, just exchange for a few Dongs and do it in downtown Ho Chi Minh.

Tan Son Nath Intenational Airport looks like our NAIA 3. I felt at so much at home still. :)

Tan Son Nath International Airport

Now I dont think Ill be able to give off some tips about getting a cab or taking public transport buses or anything going to the City proper for I asked the hotel for an airport pick up. But I saw that there were some taxis on queue so I think there wont be any problem getting one to get you on your destination. Be careful though and try to settle the price with the taxi driver. Or better yet, be clear that you want to use the taxi meter and stick with that price.

The kuya who picked us up at the airport. He was very very nice though he cant speak in English. Thank you Kuya! Hehehe.

Happy ladies arriving at Ho Chi Minh! Lets rock Vietnam!!!!

Our arrival and our first night in Vietnam was very pleasant. And the following days were as equally awesome....


thirdy lopez said…
Yes, Enjoy Saigon!!!

Ikaw ang miss saigon ngayon...

joke... X x
michymichymoo said…
So when's our Taipei trip? :) Maghahanap pa tayo ng Taiwanese superstar boyfriend don.hehe
jssica wabbitty said…
Thirdy - oo nga no? Ms. Saigon ang drama ko. Hehehe.

Michy - lets set that up around August or September. I will be really really busy from now on kasi. And thats true, we need a Taiwanese superstar boyfriend. Hehehe.