Quan Cua Tay (Ben Thanh Night Market, HCMC, Vietnam)

That night, after eating great tasting pho at Pho Quynh, we have yet decided not to end our culinary adventure just like that. We were heading to Ben Than Night market anyway and we definitely know that we could still find more good Vietnamese eats there.

We weren't wrong when we found this just at the start of that long stretch of stalls that night.

A lot of people, locals and tourists dine and experience Vietnam's local cuisine here at Quan Cua Tay. The weather that night is perfect for an al fresco dining and so we decided this is the best place to get the dishes bound to be crossed out on our "what to eat" list.

Now here it is!

Papaya and Mango Fruit Smoothies (VND 42,000 each)

Goi Cuon (VND 40,000) - Fresh Spring rolls with rice noodles, shrimp, pork and a whole lotta greens, strong ones which I actually didnt like. :(

Cha Gio (VND 40,000) - Fried pork spring rolls. Just like lumpiang shanghai but not quite the same. I love it!

Banh Xeo (VND 40,000) - Vietnamese pancake with bean sprouts, shrimps, pork slices and that secret ingredient I cant seem to decipher but gave off that great taste to the dish. Enjoyed this one too very much!

All the dishes we ordered are superbly delish! I really enjoyed the Cha Gio and Banh Xeo together with our cold fruit smoothie. The only thing I didn't like was the Goi Cuon since the mint flavors are very strong. However, I managed to remove everything inside and leave the shrimp, pork slices. lettuce and rice noodles then I began enjoying the dish.

There were still a lot of food choices but we were so full that night since it was technically our second dinner. Hehe. I wish to go back and try some other more dishes. Its a little pricey than usual but its all worth since I think that the food they serve is quite good.

Quan Cua Tay
Ben Thanh Night Market
Ho Chi Minh City


thirdy lopez said…
looks interesting...

anu kaya lasa...
jssica wabbitty said…
thirdy and michy - everything certainly not just look delicious but also tastes delicious! :D