Pho Quynh (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

In my search for a good place to eat in Ho Chi Minh, I have heard a lot of discussions favoring Pho 2000 and Pho 24 for good Pho eats. I totally forgot about these two when I was there and asked Minh from our hotel to tell us where to get good Pho. He then suggested for us to try our Pho Quynh wich is very near our hotel. Initially I thought the guy from the hotel said its Pho Queen. Wow the queen of all Pho's in HCMC I thought. Hahaha!

Pho Quynh is a corner restaurant along Pham Ngu Lao and Do Quang Dao. One will never miss this bright yellow building with a neon signage. It has that typical "carinderia" setting similar to the 24 hours Pares shops we have here in the Philippines. It has two floors, the second floor as their air con /non smoking dining area and the first floor for smoking.

***Did you know that Pho originated from the City of Hanoi? Pho means noodles and there are a lot of different varieties. There's Pho Bo, with beef, Pho Ga, with chicken and Pho Bo Kho, with Vietnamese beef stew. This dish is usually served on the side walks of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh and comes very cheap at around VND30,000 to VND45,000.

Here's what we ordered.

Pho Bo (VND 45,000) - Rice noodles with beef.

Pho Bo Kho (VND 45,000) - Rice noodles with Vietnamese Beef Stew.

Pho Bo Kho with basil, chilis, lime and sprouts, usually served on the side of the noodles.

Im very much partial to Pho Bo Kho rather than just the simple Pho Bo. Dont get me wrong, I both love the dishes, but I particularly enjoy the richness of the Pho Bo Kho rather than Pho Bo's thin soup. Anyway, both are very very tasty. I love how the beef broth for the Pho Bo taste very very deep with beef flavor. Beef shanks in both dishes were superbly tender. The rice noodles is cooked the right way and the accompanying ingredients made these two noodle dishes very very heavenly.

Next time, when youre visiting Ho Chi Minh, dont forget to sample their great Pho dishes. Im sure you'll even build an addiction. :D

Pho Quynh
323 Pham Ngu Lao, District 1
Ho Chi Minh, Vienam


michymichymoo said…
So where can I find the most authentic Vietnamese Pho here in Manila?
jssica wabbitty said…
ah my dearest, i heard about this Vietnamese resto in Makati called Ba Noi! We should set a date with the Pex food group to visit that place!
Sumi Go said…
I've heard of Ba Noi's too! :) It's owned by a Vietnamese family so I think they really offer authentic Vietnamese food, especially Pho.. :D Btw, I was shocked to see the prices. I initially thought "Wow! That's pricey!" Ngayon ko lang nalaman, 1 VND = 0.0021 PHP pala.. :D
jssica wabbitty said…
Well we can set another food trip with the rest of the group at Ba Noi. :) Id love to eat Vietnamese food again. :) and yeah super mura lang ng food talaga sa Vietnam. :) Sarap mag food trip.