Mekong Delta Tour (Part 2)

We continued on cruising along the river to go to our lunch destination. We traveled about half an hour to arrive in a quiet little canal to transfer to a traditional Vietnamese rowing boat. It was something I have envisioned whenever I hear Vietnam and I was sure ecstatic to try it out finally!

More sellers we saw along the way

We finally arrived at a small dock and the tour guide told us to transfer into smaller boats so we can enjoy the scenery more. Each boat can accommodate 4 people. I love it! Its quiet and serene. There was a moment when we were all quiet and then a Vietnamese lady starting singing a Vietnamese song. It was really surreal!

After around 20 minutes of rowing, we finally arrived a small sleepy village where our lunch is waiting for us.

The place looks very relaxing. The weather that time was warm but not humid and we definitely enjoyed sampling the local dishes.

We were served with a chicken dish, sort of like our Tinolang Manok but without the soup. It was quite tasty and very refreshing to the palate. The food by the way is included in the tour but we were also offered to sample what they called "Elephant Fish" which is basically fried Pla-Pla served with rice noodles, vegetables and rice paper.

Our lunch. Chicken stew with steamed vegetables and rice

Elephant Fish Wrap

Who said I cant drink beer for lunch? :D

After lunch, we were allowed to go around town using the bicycles provided by the restaurant. I would have loved to go around in a bicycle but the ones they provided was too tall for me! Yes I was scared to trip or to crash so I said pass. Besides, that cold Saigon bia was more enticing than going around town cycling. Hehehe.

Around 3 PM we head back to the boat and cruise going to the province of Vhin Long where our bus going to Saigon is waiting for us.

A short walk going back to our boat

Vhin Long Province

All the tourist then loaded up our bus and I guess most of us just doze off. Next thing I know were on a stop to get some refreshments. Our tour guide even boasted for that place to have 5 star comfort rooms. Haha. Too bad I was so tired I only had one photo of the place.

Back on the road during sunset, me and my friend just chatted about how wonderful our day was immersing ourselves in Vietnamese culture.

What a view to end the day!

Saigon welcome us back with this sight. Yes a premonition of a great night ahead. :D

The tour I can say was totally awesome. I just don't know what exactly is the name of the company who provided us the tour but its highly recommended. The tour guides speaks good English and for sure the tourist are very well taken cared of.

Our tour cost $17 with transportation and lunch.


totomai said…
the tour reminded of the one i had in Cambodia. from the rivers to the restaurants ... wish i could visit Vietnam too.

I kept on saying no to my Vietnamese friends inviation. Maybe I'll say yes should they invite me again LOL especially after reading your story
jssica wabbitty said…
You definitely should totomai! :D
Kat said…
Miss na miss ko na ang super sarap na fresh spring rolls sa Mekong Delta! hahaha and oh, we had the same tour guide :)
jssica wabbitty said…
Hehehe. Kat thats so cool. I have been back after a week pa lang but I surely miss na all the Vietnamese food. :)