J'adore les chaussures!!!!

It was great to know that most of the shops nowadays sells imported shoes that would fit my size (I'm a size 40-41 by the way). I remember days in my younger years where finding a stylish shoes with the newest design is a struggle for me since local shoe companies doesn't really produce big shoe sizes.

Payless Shoesource Philippines , People are People, and The Little Things That She Needs sells stylish, comfortable and affordable shoes that has sizes up to 42! And yes the addiction of buying shoes got into me. Here are some of my favorites from these three shoe shops.

Soledesire Black Peep toe Pumps (People are People)

Green pointed flats (The Little Things That She Needs)

Black, Hot Pink and White peep toe flats (The Little Things That She Needs)

Fioni Tweed Pointed shoes (Payless Shoesource)

Fioni Hilari Purple Peep toe Pumps (Payless Shoesource)

Christian Siriano Chrisoff Patent Jaxx oxford (Payless shoesource)

Yes they're all so comfy to wear and very affordable too. I bought most of these shoes for less than 2,000 Php! Two shoes that I bought from The Little Things She Needs is buy 1 pair take one pair promo for 1,200 Php. That's a steal aint it?

Oh how I love being a woman.... :)

For more info about the stores, kindly click on their links. :)


Mrs.A said…
Lovely lovely shoes! I'm green with envy. Good buys too. :)
michymichymoo said…
I love love love shoes! :) Though I seldom wear heels now. I'm comfortable with my flip flops. ;)

jssica wabbitty said…
Mrs A and michy - dont we just love shoes? Its really nice to be a woman. :D
Lynne said…
I love love shoes! I just bought 2 pairs this weekend. :P
Thirdy Lopez said…
May ganyan store din sa USA...


Enjoy shopping!
Ray | En Route said…
I bought shoes over the weekend, too :D !

Yeah. A guy commented here :P
jssica wabbitty said…
Oh how I love it! Everyone loves shoes!!!! :)

Ray - oh yes a guy who loves shoes. I love you even more now! :)
stacy said…
I'm awed at payless shoe source prices. Too bad the ones I like never has a size for me
jssica wabbitty said…
Hey Stacy. I, most of the time experience the same dilemma with you with payless. But maybe ive just been a little lucky since my foot size is big. Rarely did Filipino women have the same foot size as I do so I basically have lesser competition when it comes to sizes. Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way! :)
Sumi Go said…
Love these shoes! Lalo na the oxford one.. :D I've always wanted to go out wearing heels, but I seldom do so. Hirap talaga 'pag commuter! Wish I know how to drive already.. XD
jssica wabbitty said…
Thanks a lot Sumi! The oxford shoes are my favorite too. :) Learn how to drive na para high heels galore na! :D