Ye Dang, Oh Yeah Good Food!

Ye Dang I could say is one of my favorite Korean restaurant here in Manila. I love the food and the service and the place gives me that "tourist'y" feel whenever im dining inside. I remember visiting this place a couple of years back with some of my former co workers.

Last week, when me and some friends dined again, I noticed that there was a little change inside the resto. I was looking for that corner with low dining tables and diners can sit on the floor but it was already gone. It didn't, however discouraged all of us and we still excitedly feasted on some good Korean food.

Here we go with the food photos!

Banchan (Appetizers)

Dongchimi - they call it white kimchi or water kimchi. Its served cold and the taste is salty, a little sour and uhm for me weird. Hehe.

Pajeon - Korean scallion pancake, yum!

Samgyeopsal - grilled pork belly meat

Dwaeji Galbi - Sweet and spicy pork ribs

Bulgogi - grilled marinated sweet meat

Tteokbokki - slices of rice cake, egg in a spicy sauce.

Naengmyeon - cold noodles

That was a lot of food we ordered and we definitely enjoyed it. The quality of food is superb and the service is excellent. Speaking of service, I noticed that most Korean restaurants prioritizes good service not just good food. My Korean friend told me that it is because Korean service is really like that. They really have to make sure that the customers are well taken cared of and must enjoy the gustatory treat infinitely and thats what we got in Ye Dang. Will be back soon. Definitely.

Ye Dang
Meralco Ave., Ortigas
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
(02) 636-1461


michymichymoo said…
What's the price range here, ate wabbit? :D Hmm, I'm not too keen on spicy food, is that okay? :D
I miss ye dang.. love their banchans and the pajeon! :)
mfgv said…
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Thank you!