Ramen Bar (Eastwood)

Me and my highschool bud Denver was out for a culinary adventure last Friday. Unfortunately I was too full to think of anything to eat since I had a feast of Korean cuisine hours before we met. He told me that he was craving for some ramen or udon and I have thought of Ramen Bar in Eastwood.

I was not really sure if I would personally like the experience in Ramen Bar. I havent really read anything about this place and I dont know what to expect. I just had a great Japanese cuisine experience at Yutaka Izakaya and I dont know if this place would top that superb experience I had.

The minimalist/zen ambiance did not appeal to me that much. It is set on a fast food setting with bright warm lights, which I think made it a little cozy. Long tables are set for big groups but It can be placed separately for smaller groups as well.

We definitely have to try the Ramen since it is a ramen bar but I was super full to be enticed by their offerings, me and my friend thought of getting one ramen dish and one rice dish to share.

R.B.S. 1 (Php 380) - Soy infused Tonkotsu Ramen topped with tamago, naruto, negi, chasyu and kakuni

Tamago is Egg
Naruto is Fish sticks (not the anime)
Negi is Spring Onions
Chasyu is Sliced Pork
Kakuni is Braised Pork Belly

Chicken Namban Rice Bowl (Php 185) - bone less chicken pieces with a mustard mayo dipping sauce in white rice.

The RBS 1 could have been perfect is it was served hot. It was served to us just warm, even room temperature and so we really werent able to enjoy it that much. :( Although, I can tell that the soup is indeed very very flavorful. I love how the soup taste like and the ingredients like the fish sticks and the pork belly are really very good.

The Chicken Namban Rice Bowl is just so-so, nothing really special about it. Its just fried chicken pieces with that mustard mayo dip. For me its not really worth the repeat order.

However, what made me enjoy that time in Ramen Bar is that they serve two great Japanese beers! Kirin and Asahi are both on their beverage list, a little over priced though but how awesome is that eh? :)

Kirin Beer (Php 145)

Asahi (Php 145)

Ill do a separate beer review about Asahi since I think I havent done any just yet, but Ive done a beer review for Kirin a few months back. We both enjoyed these two lagers as we run down memory lane, talking about our highschool days.

I would have to say that my Ramen Bar experience isnt that impressive. Though I think I need a second round to really tell if I really like it or not.

Ramen Bar
G/F Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bagumbayan, Libis
Quezon City, Metro Manila
(02) 570-9457


michymichymoo said…
May beer pa din.hehe. :D
jssica wabbitty said…
Syempre naman bebe. Hindi na mawawala yan. Hehehe. Muah. Miss you!
Sumi Go said…
I've been to Ramen Bar a few times na rin and I love their ramens.. :) I haven't tried any of their rice dishes though. Here's my review on Ramen Bar.
Love their ramen and kakuni buns! :)