Kwak Beer at The Distillery for (Beer-ness) The Beer Friday Session

As a novice beer enthusiast, I would always feel giddy in trying out new beers. Recently, I have been studying the proper glassware to use for each of the brews, one that will bring out the aroma and the flavor of each distinctive style of beer. I know I still have a lot to learn and Im definitely ecstatic to try out this great adventure.

Ive been in search for good places to get some good brews. Aside from The Offbeat Cafe's The Beer Gallery , Beer Paradise, both in Makati, and Treffpunkt in Cubao, Edsa, Ive also discovered The Distillery in Eastwood which also houses different kinds of European beers.

For this Friday's Beer-ness session, Let us look at one Belgian native...

Pauwel Kwak
Style : Belgian Strong Pale Ale
Alcohol content : 8.40% abv
My rating: 3

I asked for the tulip glass that was supposed to come with the beer to be brought to me right away for me to enjoy this strong pale ale but to my dismay, I was brought a mug. :( In fairness it was a chilled mug but still its a strong pale ale and its supposed be at a serving temperature of 50-55 degrees F. Anyway, I have no choice but to actually pour that beautiful ale to the mug they have provided me.

Forgive me for the photo but I was just using my phone that time. But let me tell you how exactly it look, taste, smell and feel like.

Its like tea brown or copper colored (im not so sure since the place is a little dark) with a pretty good white head that leaves off some lacing afterwards. Its nose gives off that fruity scent of raisins, also of caramel. I am not much very used to drinking ale for I most of the time opt for Pilsners but I was very much surprised of what the texture of this ale is. Its smooth, creamy, oily I think and the taste is full upon drinking. Its very malty I can say but with a hoppy finish.

I would say that I have enjoyed this Belgian treat. I was just a little disappointed since I wasnt able to experience this beer on this glass:


Sumi Go said…
I always see this whenever I'm in Eastwood. Too bad though, I don't really drink beer. I hope someday I'll have even a little knowledge about beers.. ^^
michymichymoo said…
Reading this, I can imagine you going to Germany for Oktoberfest.hehe Miss you! :D