Spartea Spa and Bubble Tea (Marikina) - Spa, Milktea and Lotsa Girl Bonding!

I was dying to get a massage and for the longest time, me and my friend Ate Miriam have been planning to visit Spartea in Marikina since we read about it on the internet. A single stop for three of my most favorite things in the world, massage, milktea and ehem hotdogs, I hurriedly went out of work 5 pm on the dot to meet up my friend. We hurriedly drove to Marikina, both of us excited for a lot of chikas and relaxation on hand.

We arrived at the place and luckily there was one available parking space in front. In a flash we entered the place and started browsing their menu and their spa packages.

We decided to have the Spartea Signature Massage (Php 300) but the lady who welcomed us, perhaps the owner of the place told us that they only have one massage therapist available since the other one is on leave. We were about to be disappointed but her guy companion, whom I assume also one of the owners told us that the other massage therapist is on call anyway and they can just call her to be there in 15 mins. Thats what I call customer service! :)

Since we will have to wait 15 more minutes, which we didnt really mind, I decided to sample one of their best seller milk tea since I'm already drooling for one. I ordered the Kiu Milk Tea with Egg Pudding.

Kiu Milk Tea (Medium for Php 60 and Large for Php70)

Kiu Milk Tea is a little too sweet for me, well I know because the egg pudding made it even sweeter. But nevertheless a very refreshing drink.

We were offered to stay inside the massage room so that we can relax and continue our chit chats while we wait for the other massage therapist to come. The massage room can only accommodate customers at a time. Two separate massage spaces is just a curtain apart, so customers can request to have it opened so me and my friends chika moments wont stop while we have our massage.

Finally the massage therapist came and we started almost and hour and a half (I think) of pure relaxation. The Spartea Signature Massage (Php 300) is a combination of Swedish, Shiatzu and Thai massage with a unique touch. I was happy with Ate May's massaging but I thought it could have been better if the massage oil that was used is scented. I love lavender or magnolia oils. It could have been perfect if those were used. Overall, the massage is relaxing. I was even thinking of getting one even before the whole massage routine is done.

All those stretching and rubbing made me and my friend both hungry and sure we were excited to finally devour on some gourmet hotdogs! Japadogs! Yes! JA-PA-DOGS!!! Say it with me. JA-PA-DOGS!!!! Yey!

Cali Maki Dog (Php80) - Crab stick, Mayo, Nori and Mango syrup

Teriyaki Dog (Php80) - Terriyaki sauce, Mayo, Bonito flakes and Nori.

I ordered the Cali Maki Dog and man its totally delish! I love the fusion of flavors, from the sharp taste of the Nori, the sweet Mango syrup and the cold Crab sticks. Its like Japan on a bun! My friend ordered the Teriyaki Dog and definitely had fun watching the dancing Bonito flakes before feasting on it. She told me that she liked the Wasabi Potato Dog better though, one she ordered when she first visited there.

We also ordered hot milkteas (because the massage therapist suggested its good to have hot beverages after the massage)

Yin Yang Milk Tea (Php 50) and Taro Tea Blend (Php60)

What I love about the Yin Tang milk tea is that its really creamy! However, again its too sweet for me. But my friend totally raved about the Taro Tea Blend. She said and I quote, "para kang uminom ng mainit na ube ice cream". :)

Spartea is an awesome place for someone who loves pampering themselves and gettin some gourmet hotdog treats plus yummy milk teas. Most of all, I love how the people behind this establishment treat their customers as kings. I wish they'd branch out to Manila soon. :)

Spartea Spa and Bubble Tea
2/F Bennt Bldg., 67 Lilac St. SSS Village, Marikina Heights
Marikina City
(02) 861-7016


Sumi Go said…
Wow! They really have good customer service ah.. :) Will have to try this soon as I really need a good massage from all the stresses.. >.< I haven't tried Japa-dogs yet and since I'm a sucker for milk teas, I'll definitely schedule a trip to Spartea asap. Thanks for sharing this! :)
jssica wabbitty said…
Yep Sumi, their service is indeed top notch. Look for their massage therapist May if you decided to have a massage. And Oh, the Cali Maki Dog is really delish. Im still drooling for it till now. Hehe. Thanks for dropping by. :)
michymichymoo said…
inggit much! :( Where is this exactly?
Jim Thomson said…
Really Good Post!!

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totomai said…
that's an interesting set-up. massage parlor with cafe/resto.

the massage price is quite affordable, though i prefer thai massage, i think the combo is quite good too. can't wait to try it too
Thirdy Lopez said…
ang cool naman jan...

may massage ka na..may milk tea pa!
jssica wabbitty said…
Hi mitch! Madmader drove on the way there so I cant give exact directions (besides Im bad in giving directions, haha) But the address says its in SSS Village. I remember just go straight sapphire st and thats it. :)

Jim - thanks!

totomai and thirdy - thanks for dropping by gentlemen. Its really a cool place to visit. Its a one stop spa. :)
madmader said…
Lovely time I had with you wabbitty! Enjoyed my taro milk tea and the teriyaki japadog with the dancing bonito flakes :)
@michymoo, they have maps on their FB page... easy to find naman, altho I got lost the first time I went there, hehe. Easier still if the Soliven-Lilac bridge construction is over.

Nice blog wabbitty!
jssica wabbitty said…
I had a fun time with you too madmader! It was great to finally go there kasi matagal na natin plan yun. hehehe. Thanks for dropping by!
kay said…
awwwwww ... kaladkarin ko si michy dyan one time