Loungin' with Cafe del Mar Music

My friend told me, as we enjoy some music in our office earlier this afternoon that there are visible signs that we are aging. Were listening to chillout music! I beg to disagree with him. Ever since I was in college, I grew very fond of lounge, chillout, ambient and lo-fi music. I can even pride my collection of Cafe del Mar CD's and Putomayo's (world music)

Well, let me share some of my all time Cafe del Mar tracks from Volumen Uno, to my latest Cafe del Mar Cd which is Volumen Diecisiete.

1. Alessandro Boschi - "Empuriabrava"
2. Beat Foundation - "My Freedom"
3. Ame Strong - "Tout Est Bleu" (Original Ame Strong S.A. Remix)
4. Lux - "Northern Lights"
5. Remote - "Postcard"
6. Viggo - "Eso Es"
7. E-Love - "Cause I Love You No More" (Alster Lounge Chill Out Vocal Mix)
8. DAB - "Pure Joy"
9. Paco Fernández - "Junto Al Mar"
10. Paco Fernández - "Mani"

And now im enjoying 2 of the newest addition to my Cafe del Mar collection and I cant help but to rave about it. Super chill! Perfect for a cozy dinner with the whole gang, some wine and a nice conversation. Still developing some favorites from this cd's though. But so far, Im definitely loving it!

The newest addition to my Cafe del Mar collection:

Cafe del Mar Terrace Mix (2011)

Cafe del Mar Volumen Diecisiete (2011)


michymichymoo said…
Parang bossa nova ba ito ate wabbit? :)
jssica wabbitty said…
Not really honey. These are chillout and ambient music. Medyo parang pang spa or hotel music. Something like that. :)