Libreria At Cubao Expo - Book and Coffee Lovers Oasis

One thing I enjoy being single is the countless "me time" that I can spend. I was desperate to find a good "me time" place to stay near my workplace for I was tired of hanging out at those crowded cafes full of noisy students and chatting friends. I was looking for a quiet little place where I can sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee and read my book. And baby look what Ive found! BINGO!

Comfy couch where you can sit down and chill reading books

Their extensive collection of books is AWESOME!!!!

A center table provided for readers who wants to put down their books while sipping their coffee

More books!

I fell in love with the place as soon as I entered it. That extensive collection of books made me jump for joy! A dream place that I have been wanting to have was made into reality by someone else! And im grateful!

Whats even more awesome about this place is that they serve brewed coffee for 50 Php and I heard that the Food for the Gods are also a must try. And so I did try it!

Freshly brewed coffee (Php 50) and Food for the Gods (Php20 each)
Food for the gods is definitely godly!

I spent almost 2 hours in the bookstore reading some books that tickled my fancy. Actually bought the Beer book when I left the bookstore. :)

Some books are actually on sale and if I had more time I wound definitely rummage the whole place for more good reads.

Buy 1 Take 1. San ka pa? :)

As I end this entry, I was wondering if I should hit the "Publish Post" button. I dont want to share this place or its not gonna be a "me time" place anymore! But of course I wouldnt want to have it all by myself since this is a great place to chill. So if youre in Cubao Expo, go drop by this quiet rustic little bookstore. :)

Libreria Bookstore
Cubao Expo
Gen. Romulo St.,
Araneta Center, Cubao QC, 1109


madmader said…
Oooooh... I love books too! That looks like a nice place to hangout :)
jssica wabbitty said…
Definitely madmader! Its quiet and its comfy. I will definitely be back there. :) They have a collection of good books too so you might want to drop by and take a look! :)
kay said…
thank you for sharing this ... the bookworm in me is wriggling with happiness
I love the sign: well-loved, pre-loved, about to be loved. =)
Sumi Go said…
This is heaven for people who loves books and reading! I'm not big in reading anymore, but I will definitely drop by to stir up my interest in books again.. :) Thank you for sharing this.
michymichymoo said…
Woah! Gusto ko magpunta dyan! :)
jssica wabbitty said…
Thanks ladies for dropping by. Youve got to really visit this place one time. :)
A said…
Cool place. I could see myself spending hours and hours of "me time" here as well.
Stephanie Mayo said…
Wow! Thanks for sharing this! I'm, like, minutes away from Cubao and I don't even know this place exists! Lovely!
Bee said…
Eeep! I've been wanting to go to Cubao Expo for quite some time now. This post just made me decide to finally visit it this weekend.

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jssica wabbitty said…
A - right! :)

Stephanie - youre welcome. Go visit one time! Dont forget the food for the gods ok?

Bee - just go go go! im sure youre gonna have fun browsing their books. :)