Green Halo Organic Store and Cafe (Cubao Expo)

Another gem in Cubao Expo, Green Halo Cafe serves organic dishes for the figure and health conscious. Nope im not one (and I know I must be one) but I dont mind trying out some of these so called organic foods.

I met up my friend Raymund for a quiet dinner and I was the one who lead him to this little cafe. It can sit about 10 people inside but the space is actually a little small. I thought at first that its a cafe that doesnt get visited by people but to my surprise, most of the tables were occupied.

Another nice little place for a date night

I also love their artsy decor and cozy interior.

Lets get the ball rollin. Here are the dishes that we ordered.

Tuna Salpicao (Php 120)

Chicken Rendang Pasta (Php 110)

Calamansi Shake (Php 60)

Mango Shake (Php60)

As soon as the Chicken Rendang Pasta was served, the aroma of the curry enveloped the place. It was heavenly! I was craving for Rendang for quite some time, reminiscing my time in Malaysia a few months back. But I was a little disappointed since the Rendang flavor isnt really present in the dish. Its more like the usual Filipino version of chicken curry made into a pasta sauce. I was expecting the lemongrass, star anise, tamarind and cinnamon flavors of the Rendang sauce but I was thwarted with the lack of its promised Rendang taste. But I can say its a good dish and in all fairness, I did enjoy it. I just hope they do something about the Rendang flavor or atleast change the name of the dish into Chicken Curry Pasta instead.

The Tuna Salpicao is also a little disappointing. It tasted more like of an Afritada or Caldereta than Salpicao.

The Calamasi and the Mango shakes though are good. The Mango shake that I ordered is rich and creamy and I loved it!

Overall, the place is good. Just some confusion on the names of the dishes that claims of something but tasted like something else. If the names of the dishes are replaced perhaps with the name that's actually more suitable with the taste then it would be better.

Green Halo Organic Store and Cafe
Shop 11 Cubao Expo Commercial Center,
Romulo St. Araneta Center,
Cubao Quezon City, Metro Manila
(0916) 231 7061


[pinkc00kies] said…
cool. i wanna try the tuna salpicao
Thirdy Lopez said…
Ang "hang-out"-y ng ambiance...

kay said…
parang gusto ko puntahan para lang sa decor hehe
Love the look of the place. Kelan kaya ako makakapunta rin sa Cubao expo. =(
Sumi Go said…
The place looks so cozy and inspiring.. :) Will try to pay this organic food spot a visit.
michymichymoo said…
Will have to go to Cubao Expo..soon!
jssica wabbitty said…
Go visit it one time. Tell me though so I can tag along with any of you. :)