Beer-ness (The beer Friday Sessions) @ Offbeat Cafe's The Beer Gallery (Part 3)

Last part of my Beer-ness session at Offbeat Cafe's The Beer Gallery.

This time lets take a look at some "Lollipop Beers" as how I call it, a Euro Lager and a Marzen.

1. Pink Killer
Fruit Flavored Beer
5% ABV
My Rating: 3

Another "lollipop beer" (a term i use for a lady's beer hehe). It has a pinkish color and gives off a very fruity aroma of grapefruit and orange. The taste is sweet, well very sweet for me with a very faint bitter after taste. Not really a fan. Im sure ladies would like this beer.

2. Desperados Tequila Beer
5.9% ABV
Flavored beer
My Rating: 3

Our second "Lollipop Beer" for this session. Its a pretty easy drink especially for the ladies. In my opinion this beer has an identity crisis. Hahaha! But generally a refreshing beer to drink on a warm day. The nose gives off that tequila scent. Nothing much of malts and hops. Not much of a head. Beer color is of golden yellow. Im guessing this would be a good beer to drink with a slice of lime.

3. Royal Dutch Post Horn
Euro Pale Lager
5% ABV
My Rating: 3

A clean and crisp beer. Just a usual Euro pale lager flavor. I cant really remember about the head and the nose of this beer since I was already a bit tipsy when we had this. Hehehe. But I would say its a pretty nice beer to drink.

4. Gordon Biersch
My Rating: 4

I would say Ive found another favorite of mine. Golden colored beer with a frothy head. It has a toasted or caramel like malt flavor. Carbonation is great and the thickness is just enough. Very easy drink!

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You can get all these great beers at:

Offbeat Cafe, The Collective
The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., San Antonio Vill.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(0916) 611-8036


A said…
Curious about Pink Killer. :)
michymichymoo said…
You're such a beer girl. I miss you!
jssica wabbitty said…
A - I think youre gonna love the Pink Killer. :) And its color is as pretty as you!

michy - and I miss you too my love. :)
Eli said…
came across your blog from Concon's. Francis, who owns the Beer Gallery in Offbeat is a friend of mine. I'll share your blog with him so he can see it, if you don't mind.
jssica wabbitty said…
Hi Eli. No worries. I met Francis when I visited Offbeat. Sure its fine if you share this to him. :D