Beer-ness (The beer Friday Sessions) @ Offbeat Cafe's The Beer Gallery (Part 2)

Let us continue my beerscapade at The Offbeat Cafes The Beer Gallery! Lets take a look at a some Ales this time.

1. Boont Amber Ale
American Amber / Red Ale
5.80% ABV
My Rating: 3

Has this spicy and sweet nose, maybe of cinnamon and nutmeg with honey tones. Its has a puffy head and leaves a delicate lacing afterwards. The taste is refreshing and the warm spicey flavor comes stronger as you swallow it down. Nice full bodied flavor.

2. Summer Solstice Ale
My Rating: 3

Taste is pretty similar to a German pale lager. White head on pour, with a somehow citrus-y smell. It is crisp and easy on the palate. A good beer for a warm weathered country like the Philippines.

3. Hop Ottin India Pale Ale
American India Pale Ale
7% ABV
My Rating: 5

Enjoyed this beer so much! It has a pale amber color with a white head that leaves a good lacing after its gone. It has a citrus'y scent. Its crisp, its refreshing and again a good beer for a warm weathered tropical country like ours. Its a good India Pale Ale.

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You can get all these great beers at:

Offbeat Cafe, The Collective
The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., San Antonio Vill.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(0916) 611-8036


totomai said…
you drink a lot! :)

now i have to try lots too because of your blog :-)
jssica wabbitty said…
Hahaha! Sure I do! And you should also try them out as well. :)
beero mo, malakas ka rin palang uminom :p