Food Trippin : Wang Hwang So Grill (Ortigas)

I'm basically on a roll trying out Korean restos in the Metro. Having a wonderful Korean boss with a huge appetite as mine, she would always make it a point to let me also try different authentic Korean foods in an authentic Korean restaurant.

I was feeling a little sad that night and so she decided to take me out for dinner in Wang Hwang So Grill in Ortigas, fronting Astoria Plaza. Again, I think that this is one Korean restaurant that I would be quite hesitant to try since the signage is written in Hangul. (although I can read Hangul)

A lot of Koreans were dining at the place as we enter. It was very homey and the Korean owner greeted us with a smile. The Filipino staff were also gracious in welcoming us.

Upon sitting down, we were served bachan (appetizers) and soup.

Banchan!!! I love this raw sweet potatoes. I never actually thought of eating raw sweet potato but heck its crunchy and its very good!

Baechu Doenjang Guk - soybean curd soup. Yum!

While we were still deciding in what to get, I looked at a fridge near our table and the mere sight of local and Korean beverage made me feel better. :) We decided to get some local beer to match our barbecue.

What I love about Korean cuisine is that it is always well balanced. One cannot be so guilty in eating meat since it is supposed to be eaten with fresh veggies on the side.

Sukju Namul - bean sprouts and cabbage salad with something like a vinaigrette and dried chillis. I so love this dish! I even asked for second helpings!

Samgyupsal - grilled right at the table! Delish!

Served of course with fresh mint leaves and lettuce

Tadah! Its ready to eat!!!

Aside from the barbecue, we were also served this delightfully fluffy scrambled eggs that was served in a pot, and im telling you, this is definitely something that I truly enjoyed! Its so heavenly! My boss actually taught me how to do it and I said I definitely have to perfect making that.

Scrambled eggs in a pot. Its soooooooooo fluffy!!!

We also ordered cold noodles or Naengmyeon. I was really quite hesitant in trying this since I am not used to eating cold noodles. Well lets admit it, we Filipinos are used to eating hot foods, well of course aside from dessert. But, I was feeling a little adventurous that evening and so I tried it.

Naengmyeon - cold noodles.

The noodles' texture is similar to spaghetti. It is served with boiled eggs and beef. The soup is like dongchimi and it is served separately from the noodles. You have to pour the chilled soup in the noodles and mix it with some condiments (which I cant remember). It was weird indeed. Its like eating spaghetti straight from the ref (which I admittedly do sometimes, hahaha!) but the experience of eating it is quite fun. I can just imagine the taste would be so much better if its hot. :)

Overall, Wang Hwang So Grill is a great place to visit to get authentic Korean food. What's commendable in this place is that the staff is very attentive to all the needs of the customers. Never did our table ran out of tissues, or banchan, or our glasses of water emptied. They make sure that every customer is being attended to. They would always ask if you needed anything and we totally feel like were royalties. I would definitely be back here for another Korean feast. :)

Wang Hwang So Grill
Dispo Philippines Inc. Building,
corner J. Escriva Dr. and Gold Road, Ortigas,
(right across Astoria Hotel.)


michymichymoo said…
I haven't tried Korean. :(
Pang said…
I've been here once and i agree that their service is top notch, not to mention the food - it was also great! Is it still? Thankful that my new job is in Ortigas, I'm sure I'll be a frequent customer. :)
jssica wabbitty said…
michy - well this is one great place to try out great Korean cuisine. We should schedule a Korean dinner sometime soon. :)

Pang - I think their service is one of the reasons why a lot of customers go back there. One would definitely feel like their getting what they paid for. Well of course aside from the food which is delish.

Thanks for dropping by gals!
kay said…
i-food trip na yan!
Anonymous said…
How are the prices? with this meal how much per person?
jssica wabbitty said…
Per person should cost about 300 plus. Its pretty reasonable considering that the service and the food that they serve is really superb. :)