Food Trippin : Petra and Pilar (Makati)

Petra and Pilar from what I heard is an upscale carinderia found in the heart of Makati but with so-so reviews. When my friend Kay asked me if I wanted to try it out, I became a little hesitant but still agreed so that I can discover myself if the reviews were right.

We decided to meet up late Friday evening in the restaurant. We were lucky enough to spot a parking slot just right in front. I find it pretty lucky of us since it was a Friday and I was expecting quite a crowd in that place. They also have a Friday Acoustic night but maybe because Petra and Pilar's location isn't upfront unlike some other bars in Makati and the crowd are usually the SVP-ish like type of people thus not really digging the show, it wasn't really crowded at all that time with a lot of vacant tables inside still.

The lady singing as she tries to belt out some Adele songs. (which I think she did quite well)

I usually know what to order whenever we try out new places to visit since I make a little research about it before really visiting. This night particularly, I dont have any idea what to get since I haven't been hearing a lot about this place. We then decided to order the following since they are the most interesting ones in the list.

Liempo Chips (forgot the price) - We got this one for appetizer. It was quite ok specially with the vinegar that was served with it.

Binagoongan Liempo Sisig (Php 180) - I was expecting a sisig with a different twist because of the bagoong in it but I was disappointed since there was just a little hint of the bagoong when I was quite expecting it was actually the most prominent flavor in this dish. I can say its a good sisig but NOT a good Binagoongang Liempo Sisig.

Bulalo Steak (Php 280) - nothing unusual really. For me its just beef shank and mushroom sauce. Never really made me wow.

Tortang Talong with Kalabasa topped with Labahita (Php 150) - It was a bit bland for my taste. I love almost all the ingredients on this dish i.e. kalabasa, talong and labahita but I can say, to my disappointment and no not to boast, but I think I'd be able to cook a better tasting dish than the one they served me.

Over all, I think that the food is not just so-so but not really that good. Considering the price, it is actually a place that I probably wont chose to dine to and have lunch. Good thing I'm not working in Makati.

However the people I am with made the night so much better. The food might not be great but the foodies I was with that night made it quite a great experience.

By the way, 2 of my companions here just got engaged! Congratulations Ray and Love Lynn of

Alright, after my review and you still wanna find out for yourself what Petra and Pilar has to say, here's their addie. :D

JAKA Center Building
Export Drive Corner Chino Roces Ave.
Makati City

Contact information
Landline: (02) 887-5168
Telefax: (02) 893-5531 loc 480/481


ellie said…
Hi melo,

always got to see this petra & pilar whenever we go to makati area also curious and wanted to try dine in at this resto. But thanks to your blog it helps me not to choose this one.
I've been dying to try this out since its Chef Quimson's baby. And he's probably one of the best chefs ever! So regardless of the review, I still might give this place a try. =)
jssica wabbitty said…
Hi ellie! Not that im saying dont try it. Hehe. Ive just sampled some items on the menu so I couldnt say that everything is as mediocre as what ive tried. :)

Jane - definitely Chef Ed Quimson is one helluva maverick but sorry to say this time I dont think im that impressed. Of course just like what I did, I read some not so good reviews before going there but still I did. Hehe. Balitaan mo ko sa visit mo in Petra and Pilar. :)
Sumi Go said…
Sayang I wasn't able to attend the food trip and meet you guys. Anyway, at least what the food didn't deliver, your companions did :)
totomai said…
at least you can forget about the disappointments on your order because of the presence of your friends. :-)
michymichymoo said…
Yeah, food's okay. Wish we tried the paella though. :) See you soon! ;)
jssica wabbitty said…
Sumi - I guess it would be so much better if youre there too. :)

Totomai - It has always been like that for me. Even the food is not good well atleast I have great people to rant with. hehe.

Michy - trying to think of it, I never really cared. You guys were there and I think everything was just perfect. :)
kay said…
Awww I feel bad now. Bawi ako sa next reco. I'll try it muna hehe
people over food --> digs! :)
Ray said…
Haha thanks for the well wishes :D ! Hope you guys had fun in Elements :P