Food Trippin: Mamang Taho Coffee Shop (Dapitan, corner P.Noval, Manila)

I am living very near my alma mater (I'm a Thomasian by the way) and finding new coffee shops around the area surprised me. I graduated back in 2004 and coffee shops around the area doesn't exist just yet.

Mamang Taho is a coffee shop situated in Dapitan corner P. Noval in Sampaloc Manila. I have been there a week ago for a meeting but came back there tonight since I havent really sampled some of their signature taho concoction. I got really excited about the place since I am personally a taho lover. Having been growing up consuming this wonderful soy based treat is a tradition that I think all, if not most of the Filipinos enjoy.

The establishment is cozy. Having rattan chairs and relaxed lighting, it is a perfect place to have a nice little chat with friends and enjoy the old time Filipino treat.

They offer quite an interesting menu. What caught my attention is their Signature Espresso drinks with Taho and their Signature Espresso Blended with Taho. I asked the lady at the counter on what their best seller is and she told me that I have to try their Decadent Mocha blended with taho and so I did. My friend who is with me that time ordered the all time favorite Chilled Taho.

Cute miniature taho containers on the counter table. Cant help but to find it cunning!

It was around 10pm when me and my friend decided to meet so we didn't get anything to eat since its a bit late. I was actually looking at some of their offerings and got interested with the Pork and Mushroom turnover but held back. I know I need to watch my weight and I think it's a bit late for a snack. :D

Different pastries that they offer in Mamang Taho

The place has three floors and we decided to stay at the roof deck since there's the smoking area and we both have to take advantage of this chilly Tuesday evening.

The roof deck is cozy with comfy sofa's and chairs

We sat at a quiet corner so that we can have a little chit chat about some business and so that we both can relax as well. We arrived with only few customers, all of them are students of the nearby universities, but to our dismay, a big group of students who didn't even order flooded the place and made a lot of noise playing "Pinoy Henyo". We were a bit disappointed since we want to have a quiet chat but cannot leave the place and move to the second floor since both of us are smoking.

All Time Favorite Chilled Taho (Php 65) and
Decadent Mocha Blended with Taho (Php 135)

All Time Favorite Chilled Taho with gummy pearls!

I find the Decadent Mocha Blended with Taho a bit weird. It looks appetizing enough but I was surprise by how the taste lacks. I was not able to actually taste the mocha flavor, instead, when I'm about to finish it, I even tasted a blueberry flavor which I find very inappropriate since nothing in what I ordered says blueberry. What I love about it though is the tangy-ness, or the youghurt-ish texture the taho gave. It made the drink very unique. Also the fact that the taho is chilled, which I'm really not used to is a bit off for me.

Having tried their All Time Favorite Chilled Taho, I pretty much felt the same. I was also quite foiled since the caramel sauce or the "arnibal" is not that prominent. It was bland for my taste. generally, I didn't really like the chilled version of the taho. I would still love consuming that piping hot and fresh.

In retrospect, I can say that Mamang Taho Coffee Shop is quite ok. If youre looking for some twist in your usual taho, this place will somehow satisfy your curiosity on how taho will taste like aside from the traditional arnibal or caramel sauce. But definitely, I still love Manong Danny, our friendly neighborhood vendor's taho. As my niece told me before I left home, "Buy na lang from Mang Danny, its cheap pa for Php5, you can get taho na." :)

Mamang Taho Coffee Shop
1177 Dapitan St., cor. P. Noval St.,
Sampaloc, Manila


kay said…
Ooohhh ... makaladkad nga si bunso at matry yan .... interesting!
jssica wabbitty said…
Interesting indeed, but not so much to a WOW. :)
michymichymoo said…
I used to go to this coffee shop in P.Noval called Coffee Indulgence. I think it's already closed.

However, I'm still a fan of hot taho.ahihi. :) the place looks okay though. :)
Ces said…
Nice review. Nothing beats the nilalakong taho. Hehe! Just had one a couple of days ago. Yum! :)
funny! We always pass by this place and I thought it's Manang Taho! would love to try their chilled taho. :)
jssica wabbitty said…
michy - i love coffee indulgence too. There were a lot of fun memories I can recall from that place but I think wala na nga yun. :(

Ces - indeed! now im craving for one. :D

Berylle- go try it one time. The place is really nice but im tellin you the food and drinks are so-so.

Thanks for droppin by guys!
Jeo said…
Thomasian here also. Graduate na rin. haha
Anyway, never namin naisipang i-try yang Mamang taho dahil una, so so nga lang lasa. pangalawa, kinda expensive.
Sumi Go said…
OMG!!!! NATAKAM AKO SOBRA!!! I love taho and coffee, and this is such a nice concept cafe.. Kailangan 'tong ma-try! If only I were near the area.. >.<
jssica wabbitty said…
Jeo - well for the usual taho that cost 65Php, medyo mahal nga. But again as what i said, its a good place to hangout. :)

Sumi - pag nadaan ka lang try mo. :)
glorified taho, cool :) reminds me of the glorified samalamig, zagu
[pinkc00kies] said…
tahooooooo :D love it chilled!