Food Trippin: Kogi Bulgogi (Eastwood)

Now that a lot of Korean restaurants sprouted like mushrooms all over the metro, one can actually enjoy sampling their traditional cuisine with a little less difficulty than what I have experienced 3-4 years ago when there are just a few Korean restaurants in town and when most of it are actually owned by a Korean family that serves the traditional way.

Kogi Bulgogi is a Korean restaurant where I can say that the traditional Korean cuisine can be sampled with ease. They have Filipino staff which is very familiar with the menu, (so you can just ask someone what exactly the dish is or what are its ingredients.)

The Eastwood branch isn't that big and it felt a little crowded even when just a few guests are dining, but I can say that the interiors are cozy and relaxed.

These are some of the dishes that we ordered.

Free Banchan of fried sweet potatoes, bean sprouts, okra, fried meat cutlets and of course different kinds of Kimchi

Nude Kimbap - huge rolls of rice with egg, meat and veggies. These rice rolls though are too big which makes it hard to eat it as a whole. I wish they'd make it a little small so that it can fit in ones mouth in one big bite, but nevertheless this is also a terrific dish.

Japchae- stir fried glass noodles with chicken, beef and vegetables. One of my favorite Korean dish. Its sweet and savory at the same time. Very much recommended for first timers in trying out Korean cuisine.

Haemul Tang - a spicy soup of mixed seafood. I love the spicyness of the soup that goes very well with the taste of the seafood that was in it.

Dweji Galbi - grilled marinated pork.

Jang-O Gui - grilled eel. The marinade is fantastic but I haven't really enjoyed it that much since the texture of the eel felt a bit weird. Perhaps I don't like the gelatinous texture of it and would rather stick to the flaky ones for a fish dish.

Different spicy sauces which they call Gochujang that goes well with the Gui's. One can eat it with these fresh crisp lettuce.

Saeju (Tempura) - huge pieces of deep fried, batteredTiger Praws. Delish!
Overall, I love how Kogi Bulgogi showcase Korean cuisine to the Filipino market, and as a lover of food, I would certainly go back here again for some Korean cuisine fix.

Kogi Bulgogi

2nd Level, New Eastwood Mall
E. Rodriguez Ave. (C-5),
Bagumbayan Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: (63 2) 470-6884 to 85


Sumi Go said…
I'm usually at Eastwood, but I haven't seen this resto yet. I might give this a try some time soon. I love kimbap! Not a big fan of Japchae though.. ^^
madmader said…
Thanks for sharing wabbitty... I love japchae too! The galbi looks good, but maybe I'll skip the kimbap. I hope they have spicy tofu soup :)