Sunday, November 20, 2011

Food Trippin : Another great time at Pan de Amerikana (Katipunan)

Me and my sister's family were looking for a place to have lunch before heading to Greenhills for an early Christmas shopping. We were welcomed by a heavy traffic in Gilmore and just decided to eat lunch first at Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan. My niece was ecstatic! She was actually feeling jealous coz I went there for the first time with my sister and not with her. (My niece is a future foodie, I swear)

It is me and my sister's second time and of course we planned to try the dishes that we haven't tried on our first visit.

Unlike the first time we visited, the place wasn't that packed when we arrived. We definitely enjoyed the place since its quiet and the kids enjoyed playing chess while we wait for our orders to arrive.

My sister and her beautiful family

The kids having a great time playing chess while we wait for our orders to arrive.

We were starving and since this is me and my sisters second time, we were quite sure on what to order.

Tuna Pan de Sal and Sardines Pan de Sal (Php 25 each)

Binagoongang Baboy (free when you order The Family platter)

Family Platter (Php 595) - assortment of various grilled specialties such as grilled tilapia, grilled squid, inihaw na liempo, inihaw na manok, pork barbecue, inihaw na tahong, inihaw na hipon plus steamed okra, kangkong and inihaw na talong. Served only during weekends. :)

Sisig (Php 145)

The Family Platter is only available during weekends. We were surprised on how big the serving is to think that the price is actually very reasonable. Me, my sister and my brother in law definitely enjoyed the variety of grilled dishes plus the grilled vegetables served with it. It all reminded us three of those fun times in the beach back at mom's province. I also enjoyed the sisig with its generous servings.

Pan de Amerikana certainly make the whole family a priority. They make sure that the menu is designed for families to enjoy. The servings are hefty and the prices are cheap. I would be back here again (especially if im on a tight budget) hehe.

And they also have the Senior Citizen discount. See? Very family friendly right?

Pan de Amerikana
118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City
Phone number : 421-1966

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Pan de Amerikana Menu

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Sumi Go said...

It's been years since I've visited Pan De Amerikana.. But at their Marikina branch.. :) Love the interior (or exterior?) and food!

[pinkc00kies] said...

the pandesal looks so yummy nga!

jssica wabbitty said...

sumi - ako I havent been to their Marikina branch naman. hehe.

pink - surely it tastes really good.

Ces said...

I have been to their Marikina branch. Sadly, it was not a good experience for me. Not because the food wasn't great, but because I got sick pag dating sa resto. Di ako nakakain ng maayos. Want to visit again. They have a branch din ata near Greenhills kaso small lang yung resto.

kay said...

sana they have a branch near the south :) i would try them out