Sunday, November 27, 2011

Food Trippin : Adobo Connection (Food Junction, Eastwood Citywalk)

Adobo can perhaps be the national "ulam" of the Philippines. An authentic Filipino dish, every family has its own way of cooking their Adobo. I personally perfected the art of cooking Adobo, the one which my family adores to eat.

Stumbling upon Adobo Connection found in Food Junction in Eastwood Citywalk, I felt delight knowing that something like this establishment gave so much importance to our Adobo that it made the entire menu dedicated to our favorite local dish.

I remember some food establishment like this a few years back but I never really liked their Adobo. I was kinda hesitant in trying out this one but the array of different Adobo varieties made me curious.

I was confused on which to have for dinner since there are a lot of choices, plus the fact that everything in their menu is very affordable. In the end I opted to get Fish and Tofu Adobo and Chicken Adobo Flakes.

Fish and Tofu Adobo (Php99) - Fried fish and Tofu in Adobo sauce.

Chicken Adobo Flakes (Php99) - crispy Chicken Adobo Flakes served with sunny side up egg and rice.

I totally enjoyed both dishes. The Fish and Tofu Adobo brings a different twist to the usual Pork and Chicken Adobo that we all are used to. The flavor of the Adobo sauce sunk into the fried Tofu and fried Fish and it gave that salty, sour kick to the tame flavors of both tofu and fish. The Chicken Adobo Flakes on the other hand is also a winner. The serving is hefty and the texture is certainly something that I have enjoyed. The Adobo flavor is still very much present in the crispy shreds of chicken. All these goes with a cup of rice and a drink of your choice only for Php99. Its a steal! :) Oh and they serve cold beers too!

So next time youre craving for our beloved Adobo and wants a little spin on it, try Adobo Connection.

Adobo Connection
Food Junction Eastwood Mall
E. Rodriguez, Jr. Avenue (C5),
Brgy. Bagumbayan, Quezon City , Libis


michymichymoo said...

my brother loves adobo! :)

OCEANNE said...

Wow...adobo! When it comes to adobo, though...I have to say that, amomg those that I've tasted, my Dad's adobo is the best. It's cooked the Ilonggo way na mejo dry and the best pag native chicken ginamit. Giutom tuloy ako. The dishes above look so tasty :9

Sumi Go said...

We've tried Adobo Connection some months ago.. :) Love their Modern Adobo and Mestizang Adobo, and this is coming from someone who got tired na from home-cooked adobo.. haha.. :) Haven't tried the Fish & Tofu Adobo and Chicken Adobo Flakes though. Will give them a try when we're in the area! ^^

jssica wabbitty said...

Thank you ladies for dropping by my blog. Certainly all of us loves this classic Pinoy dish. Hehe. :)

kay said...

sana may branch yan somewhere else :( ang layo ng eastwood

Anonymous said...

Adobo Connection have branches in SM Sta. Mesa, 500 Shaw, Cash and Carry, Dela Rosa St. Makati, Pearl Drive Ortigas