Friday, November 11, 2011

Food Hallyu : Korean Cuisine hits Manila

If my memory serves me right, it was actually 5 years ago when I first had my taste of the spicy dishes of Korean cuisine. Back then, there were just a few Korean restaurants in the Metro that was owned by a Korean family who migrated here in the Philippines. It was great since a customer would really feel that he is in a Korean home for the service resembles very much of what a Korean family is during meal times.

It was surprising that now, Korean restaurants spudded like mushrooms all over the Metro and luckily, I got to try a lot of their dishes.

  • Banchan - small dishes of food served as an appetizer. Usually consist of Kimchi and different kinds of steamed vegetables.

Banchan (Kogi Bulgogi)

Banchan (Jang Gun)

Banchan (Seoul Barbeque)

  • Kimbap - rice rolls usually with meat, eggs and vegetable.

Nude Kimbap (Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood)

Kimbap (Jang-gun Libis)

  • Japchae - Stir Fried glass noodles with meat and vegetables.

Japchae (Jang Gun Libis)

Japchae (Kogi Bulgogi Eastwood)

  • Gui - Grilled meats
Dweji Bulgogi/ Pork Bulgogi

Dweji Galbi (Seoul Barbeque)

Dweji Galbi (Kogi Bulgogi)

Jang-O Gui - Grilled Eel (Kogi Bulgogi)

Gui's is served with Gochujang a spicy soy bean paste, garlic, mint and lettuce leaves.

  • Soups

Daenjang Chige - Spicy soybean curd soup (Seoul Barbecue)

Haemul Tang - Mixed Seafood Soup (Kogi Bulgogi)

Ramyon - Very spicy noodle soup

  • Tempura / Saueju - Deep fried Tiger Prawns
Saeju (Kogi Bulgogi)

Saeju (Seoul Barbecue)

Saeng Sun Jung - Fried Fish (Seoul Barbecue)

Mandu - Korean Fried Dumplings (Jang Gun)

Songpyeon - Assorted Korean Rice Cakes. Theyre not too sweet like our local rice cakes but sure they are delish!

The Korean wave has really been a hit for most Filipinos. I love the richness and the spicyness of their dishes as well as how they still make it balanced. I love how they use the freshest ingredients. It's healthy without compromising the taste. You might want to give it a try!


kay said...

you didn't eat all of that in one go right?

jssica wabbitty said...

Haha. No honey. Thats a compilation of my visits in those places.

michymichymoo said...

Just thinking, we haven't gone Korean for the food club. Can we try Korean next time? ;)

Anonymous said...

Have any idea where I can buy the songpyeon?

jssica wabbit said...

Let me contact my former co worker and ask where we order songpyeon. We usually have this in my previous work during seolal (I think). Ill get back to you Anonymous. :)

G0thika said...

hi jessica! do you happen to know where to buy the songpyeon?