Boxing's Credibility Lost? (The Pacquiao Vs. Marquez 3 Roundup)

Manny Pacquiao without a doubt provided Filipinos with so much pride and honor when it comes to boxing. A sport which I know a lot of Filipinos love dearly since in history, our country provided some of the best fighters in this field.

I was anticipating almost every fight of Manny since he started to make a name in the boxing world. He was actually one of the reasons why I have tried doing boxing (of course aside from Mike Tyson who, in my very young age became the most "astig" boxer for me) Being a boxing enthusiast, it certainly never fails to give me some of that "kilig" (and when I say kilig I mean the excitement and the anticipation plus the sleepless nights thinking how exciting the bouts would be). But there was a time when I thought that it was too much of him to fight in almost all the divisions. His fight with Clottey on March 2010 is when I started to think that its too much of him to fight going to the upper divisions. But admittedly, I still would watch his every game and pray that he would still bring home the bacon to the Philippines.

Pacquiao Vs. Clottey (March 2010)

I have watch Pacquiao and Marquez challenge each other since their first fight back in 2004. I certainly knew back then that Marquez will be one hard shell to crack for Manny and I was definitely correct.

After a draw in 2004, and a victory for Manny Pacquiao in 2008, both then again faced each other for another rematch. As expected, it was highly anticipated by every boxing aficionados.

Pacquiao Vs. Marquez 3 Weigh In

But I never felt really that much triumphant with Manny's victory today. It was a shame for me to admit this but I think that boxing's credibility somehow was decisively compromised with the decision earlier.

There were a lot of predictions on whats gonna happen in this fight. I am Pinoy and I certainly love Manny Pacquiao but I think that Juan Manuel definitely wanted to prove himself to everyone by training really hard. I know that he gained weight quite a lot for him to fit in the WBO World Welterweight Division and I thought that it would slow him more further and wont really match Manny's speed. On the other hand I think, Manny can handle Marquez even better since his speed never vanishes even when he tries to lower of increase his weight for the previous bouts.

Surprisingly, as what have happened to the fight earlier, Marquez used the bulk not to throw in power punches but to endure Manny's strong clouts. It also felt like Manny's moves were so predictable that Juan Manuel can actually read every single move he made in the ring. I also somehow felt like Manny lost the hunger to win and became very comfortable with his game earlier. That made him lose to Juan Manuel Marquez whose so determined to prove something to everybody. I know Manny still gave his heart for the game but sadly, Marquez's decisiveness to win prevailed better.

The judges' scorecard says 114-114, 115-113, 116-112. My scorecard says otherwise. Alright again, im not a pro to really say that I also am credible in giving this scores but mine would somehow be 116-114 in favor of Marquez.

So is Juan Manuel Marquez robbed by giving the title still to Manny Pacquiao? Somehow, I can say YES. Thing is, but I am not so sure, but I think, when the fight is as close as that one happened today, the title will still remain with the defending champion even if the challenger deserves it better.

Was I not proud of another victory that Mr. Pacquiao brought us? I am. But I am also scared with the fact that I will forever think that the decision today just outclassed Juan Manuel Marquez and not because Manny Pacquiao was truly great in this fight. Pacquiao winning this fight is worst than him losing. He could have lost it and it was fair.

But, again it was a great day for boxing fans all over the world. Yes, I am somewhat happy that Manny brought home another victory for us all. Although I made some bad impressions on Manny's performance, I am still sooooooooo much looking forward for the Pacquiao-Gayweather (este,Mayweather pala) bout hahahhahah. I definitely want to see that pussy knocked down by Manny. Sana lang it would push through talaga.

By the way, I, with all my heart miss boxing, and I promise myself to go back throwing punches again super super soon!!! :)

Boxing sessions (which I totally miss) with my former boxing buddy and superb trainers. :)


Iamadie said…
cool, you do boxing! :)

JuanMa really prepared hard for this bout I think more than any other opponents that Pacquiao had in the last couple of years. He's the underdog in the pre-match but later proved that he can really go head-to-head with Pacman. I think Pacman did well in this fight just like in his last just so happened that JuanMa really came prepared and made him look very vulnerable in this fight unlike his past opponents who are not that good enough for him. I think JuanMa is the best opponent for Pacman...and he's a great fighter.It's just sad that he came short and failed to sustain his lead in the last two rounds.

As for Mayweather..haha who knows? madami pa namang syang financial obligations baka matuloy na nga haha Still, I doubt the possibility
Sumi Go said…
Nice entry! I very much agree to every word you've said, or written for that matter. But although he lost here, Marquez gained the respect he deserves. :)
jssica wabbitty said…
Iamadie - I think, and I heard one of the commentators on TV yesterday said, that Marquez is Manny's Joe Frasier. Well Joe Frasier is the only opponent that defeated Muhamad Ali. But I would say that the fight yesterday was truly a classic.

Sumi - well all of us are still proud of the victory right? :)

Thanks for dropping by ladies!
Ray said…
Just looking at the TV coverage, yes JMM looked like he won. His punches were accurate, it counted when it was needed, and it was a beautifully executed fight plan. I'm assuming the judges gave it to Pacquiao due to the number of punches he delivered (although never landed square-on) plus the aggressive play for the whole 12 rounds.

Oh well, maybe let it serve as a wake-up call to Manny to focus more on what he does best and cut down on all the weight of his yes-men and brown-nosers.
En Route said…
I'm no expert. And up until 2 or so years ago, I didn't even enjoy boxing. I know what you're saying. I'm glad he won but only if he won it fair and square. Again, I'm no expert and I just don't want anything negative being said about Pacquiao or anyone doubting his boxing credibility.
you into boxing? cool! best wishes to your significant other ;)